Young, Polished and Professional Outfit Ideas

What should I wear for an interview? Is there a difference between smart casual and business professional? What does my employer mean by “smart professional attire”?

Besides your work etiquette and brilliant ideas for certain projects, what you wear to work is also an important part in your working environment. There are still things to be said about dressing and in doing so should be in an appropriate manner.

Always make your research about the company first before splurging on some new pieces.

Lauren Conrad once said that there are only three important points to remember when planning your work outfits – Conservative, confident and classy.


professional outfit ideas 1

Wearing red and a hint of gold is always a great look, but not everyone could pull an outfit with different shades of red. It’s best to experiment not just with red, but also other colors. Just be careful with mixing colors.

Since your entire outfit is already red, choose another color for your bag and shoes. You can either go white or black to tone down the red.

No need to go overboard with accessories. A classic watch and a black floppy hat will do.

professional outfit ideas 2

This blue long-sleeved dress is very lovely to wear on a gloomy day.

Add a stylish belt so the dress wouldn’t look too baggy and will instead accentuate your hips, giving an hourglass effect.

Wear black stockings and add simple accessories like a bangle or a necklace to give it more pop.

Since you’re wearing stockings, it is best to pair it with strappy Mary Jane heels.

professional outfit ideas 3

When it’s a bit chilly outside, wear a cotton flannel midi skirt. It perfect for fall because it keeps you warm and comfortable. Pair it with a pale pink floral trim top.

If you don’t like skirts, wear your favorite cigarette trousers for a smart and figure-slimming look.

professional outfit ideas 4

One can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. Wearing them will make you look sleek and professional and if you add the right pieces to compliment your outfit, you will look very chic.

A black jumpsuit, black snake heels, a silver belt and a silver purse is what you need to wear when it’s too cold and you couldn’t be bothered with everything else.

Black will never be simple enough if you know how to work with it.

professional outfit ideas 5

Wear a white button down with this black pencil skirt. This combination is a classic. Add a pop of color with your stilettos or bag if you want.

There’s no need to exaggerate this statement look. You will look smart enough with this entire outfit.

professional outfit ideas 6

Worn out of all the same old colors you wear to work every day? It’s perfectly fine to wear metallic-colored pieces to work. This outfit is now a modern look for working women. Always try out bold pieces to see what else looks good on you.

If you’re wearing this to work, use simple accessories instead of the ones you would wear for a night out. You wouldn’t want to go all-out when it’s only day time.

This would look great if you work in a fashion forward environment.

professional outfit ideas 7

Combine two basic tones for a minimal and classic look. This goes very well in any working environment.

Since you’re going for a professional look, it would look best if you wore heels instead of flats.

professional outfit ideas 8

Incorporate retro prints into your wardrobe. This white wing collar shift dress will look great over a pale yellow coat. It will make you look elegant and chic.

If you’re already wearing a chic outfit, don’t forget to make your hair and makeup go with your entire look as well.

professional outfit ideas 9

Houndstooth is a big trend these days and it is a pattern also acceptable in a corporate setting. You can mix and match pastel colors and since it is fall, it’s advisable to layer clothes to keep yourself warm.

Wear simple collared tops if you prefer.

professional outfit ideas 10

Here are some basics with a nice pop of color. This is perfect for business meetings and events with important people—a striped wrap blouse, a red scarf and stilettos. The stilettos have a camouflage print which contrasts the red scarf.

professional outfit ideas 11

Back in the 80s, women wore suits with the same prints. It was totally a big trend back then. Play around with colors and prints. Make sure they are flattering for your body.

Blue suit with black detailed prints goes very well with white pumps and a black sling bag.

professional outfit ideas 12

Unique mesh dress with neoprene and flare shape and pair it with some cage heels or an open-toed heels and some vintage bag that will give a dash of classic into this modern look.

Keep your hair sleek and straight for a cleaner and fresher look.

A few reminders:

  • Never wear flats
  • Wear stockings instead of socks
  • Avoid skirts and dresses that are too short
  • Don’t overdo your makeup
  • Appropriateness is key