Young Men’s Guide to Purchasing Blazers

men blazer 9As a young man, you need to build a versatile and attractive closet of men’s clothing and many wonder if they should add blazers. Blazers are classic jacket that may look a bit outdated but to some guys, they are actually a great and important style staple that every man should own.


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A blazer is an extremely versatile piece of clothing, many men wear it to work, on vacation, on special occasions like semi-formal parties and dates.


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Blazers are mostly made of solid or lightly patterned fabrics than can be easily mixed with a lot of your outfits.


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When choosing the right blazer, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of the classic jacket before making any purchase. They are pricey so it’s important to evaluate your needs and sense of style before buying one.


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One of the most important things to decide on is to know what type of blazer is suited to the occasion. A one-button blazer gives a more relaxed and playful look than those blazer with three to four buttons. This is ideal for semi-casual workplaces, casual evening rendezvous and vacations.


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A two-button blazer is a bit dressier than the one-button blazer. It’s a great jacket to wear for job interviews and casual workplaces. This can also be worn at semi-formal events.


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A three-button blazer is quite formal. It’s worn mostly for business presentations, job interviews and semi-formal evening events. Also, for late afternoon and evening weddings. You can wear this blazer with casual slacks or jeans for a dressed down look.


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A four-button blazer is reserved for formal events and conservative workplace only. It’s great to wear for interviews at really important places like major corporations, law firms and medical offices. This can also be worn for late afternoon and evening weddings.


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A double-breasted blazer has an extra flap of fabric in front for it to accommodate two rows of buttons. These normally have three or four buttons. Double-breasted blazers are worn by serious businessmen for formal occasions. Also, these are what men wear to court or in front of the media. These are also great for business presentations and evening business events.