Workwear Commandments for Every Woman

Five days a week, we wake up with one all-consuming thought – what do we wear to work? Getting dressed for the office is no easy job. So many thoughts can go into the decision… You cannot over-dress or under-dress. You need to be comfortable in whatever you wear. It has to go with the season and the day of the week. You shouldn’t feel bored in your outfit. It should be your signature style. Plus, if there is a particular thing happening in the office or some guests arriving, then you need to keep that in mind as well when you choose the outfit. Different professions have different requirements too.

But everything boils down to 10 simple commandments. Check them out.


girl in jacket

A simple LBD or pencil skirt can be a great outfit for the work place. But try adding a vest, jacket, or even an extra top. This will make you look even better.

Build Up Your Staples

sleek pencil skirt

A well-fitted wrap dress, your sleek pencil skirt, and a classic button-down are the basic outfits you will need for everyday work. So go ahead and invest in simple and yet chic starter pieces. Your Monday to Friday dressing decisions will be easier.

Achieve Balance

Many girls like bold colours and graphic prints. But you can go over-the-top too. The best thing to do is balance out more unusual pieces with the classics such as the white button-down or feminine flats.

Comfortable Heels

girl in heels

If you are going to spend all day in stilettos make sure you have a pair that can get you through the day without any blisters.

Stay Away From Spaghetti Straps

spaghetti straps

A skimpier top is good for going out, but it may not be appropriate for the office. Avoid any tops with a plunging neckline or straps that are so thin that there is no coverage.

Upgrade Your Casual Favourites

A sandal or sweatshirt can be good for work. However a better option can be to get an updated version of your favourite weekend wear. Try simple cuts, chic embellishments, and luxury fabrics.

Get a Good Work Bag

work bags

Get a good one whether you need an oversize tote to fit your laptop or a small clutch to carry everything. Make it go with your outfit.

Try Print Mixing

Prints can be intimidating, but you can mix and match quite easily once you get the hang of them. Try layering prints in a similar colour palette but with different sizes. This will prevent you going too over-the-top.

Dress Up Your Denim


There was a time when denim was not acceptable in many offices. But these days, a good pair of jeans is totally OK. You can wear a darker wash. Try out styles like flares or trouser cuts to look more sophisticated.

Dress to Impress

office suit

We all have lazy days while dressing for work, but remember, what you wear tells your colleagues who you are. You should certainly not overdress, but make sure that you don’t wear anything that is stained, too revealing or torn as well.