Women’s Guide to Rocking Leather Pants

leather 11If you want to make a strong statement – wear leather pants.

They catch everyone’s attention and while wearing leather pants will make you fab, you should consider what type of leather pants you will be getting which will complement some of the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

Choose a pair of leather pants with a trim and design to fit your figure – something that will fit your complexion – something that will complement your favorite tops and shoes to accomplish an easy stylish ensemble.


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Leather pants are a great option for jeans, especially on a night out. Who wears jeans to a night out? They will give an extra pop of fashion that you miss out on when you wear a pair of ordinary black jeans.


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Don your leather pants with a tank, corset or silk blouse with heels for an effortless yet stylish night out look.


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Leather pants can be very versatile, even if sometimes they can be unforgiving and a bit tight. If that happens, try wearing your leather pants with textures and shapes.


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Leather pants are made mostly for those hours after work. To pull off a fashionable look, basic styling tricks is needed – like pairing it with a tight-fit shirt, rolling the cuffs for a nice fit or even pushing up the sleeves of your sweater for a casual look.


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You can also match your leather pants with a trench coat and leopard prints to make a bold statement. It will definitely make you the center of attention. Make sure your accessories are simple so your look wouldn’t clash.


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Wearing leather pants to work is a little challenging, so finding the right fit of leather pants is essential. Search for a pair that isn’t baggy or tight.


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While we know that this particular trousers will give a bold statement, try teaming it with simple tops to get a simple and conservative look.


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For work, wear it with a structured blazer, cardigan and a white button-down. Make the leather pop by wearing statement bag and high heels.


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You can also style your leather pants with a turtleneck top then topping it off with a business-style coat.


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The rule to wearing leather pants is to prevent from making them extremely sexy since they already are. It’s important you balance out your look so you wouldn’t have a complicated outfit.