Women’s Guide to Coats (2015)

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Some women are clueless about different women’s coats – I mean, what else could there be. They keep you warm and they make you super stylish for the fall and winter seasons. But not everyone isn’t talking much about the coat styles that would flatter your body figure and how to style them. If you want to know more about the women’s guide to coats, keep reading.


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Hourglass figures
Focus more on defining your waist. It’s important you look for a jacket or coat that is belted and has a drapery fabric. If you really want to bring out your proportional body shape, steer clear of straight lines from your bust to your hips because this will only make you look boxy. When it comes to the best bets, go for wrap and shawl coats.


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Inverted triangle figures
Soften your wide shoulder line – make it look narrower. Hip-length or longer jackets with flared hemline will flatter your body figure. It will create curves on your hips. Minimalism is key with more volume at the hem to fill out the narrowest part of your body.


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Rectangle figures
Focus solely on breaking up your silhouette to make curves from your lower waist to upper waist. Choose simple and tailored jackets with a nipped waist or a flared hemline to give you curves. Try out jackets with details such as large buttons, double breasts or shoulder details.


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Pear figures
Choose a coat that will draw the eye away from your wide hips by creating curves on top. Details on top like rounded collars will help balance out your wide thighs and hips. Also, choose a coat with a cut that gives emphasis on your well-defined waist. Details you should go for are puffed shoulders and breast pockets.


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Apple figures
Slim down your mid-section by drawing the eye to your shoulder and chest area. Jacket that skim past your waist and a jacket that floats away from your hips to create hips. Go for a jacket that would give interest around the hem and shoulders. Swing coats and winter wool coat nipped below your bust are your best bets. They conceal your heavy midsection.


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Your everyday coat – leather coats
Leather can’t be beat. Choose a leather coat that fits closely to your body for a chic look and a distressed leather jacket for a more rugged look.


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Your raincoat – trench coats
Trench coats – the belted waist on trench coats makes them flattering on mostly all body shapes. This outerwear classic is a must-have in your wardrobe. Choose a trench coat that have been treated to repel water.


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Your evening coat – wool blend coats
They look classy and when paired with a dress will look super stylish. Go for a fancy coat that is blended with cashmere. Look more tailored by wearing this with a pencil skirt and high heels and for a casual look, flat shoes and a flowing skirt.


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Your weekend coat – parkas
Parkas give out a sportier vibe, which is great for the weekend. Parkas come in so many different colors so no need to worry about color coordinating when you wear a laidback look. Consider the length – longer parkas will give you more warmth while shorter ones will give a more casual feel.


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Your weekend coat – suede coats
Shearling coats or suede coats can give you that dressed up feeling. Sometimes it feels more casual making them perfect for weekend wear. While water can stain suede, try not to wear one when it’s raining or snowing unless you applied a protective treatment first.