Women’s Guide on How to Look Slimmer in Clothes

slimming women 12We can’t always avoid eating too much especially if they are our favorite. Unfortunately, eating those will lead you to gaining a few pounds. The fats will be all over our body in no time, especially if we don’t try to sweat it out in the next couple of days.

The next problem is getting rid of problem areas but while we all can’t lose weight instantly, we can cheat our way into looking slimmer without the need to work out – except shopping because shopping is a nice cardio.


slimming women 1No Saggy Fabrics
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Get to know materials that are best for slimming. Go for stretch cotton and gabardine fabrics no matter what the season is.


slimming women 2Solid or Prints?
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If you wear a solid and dark color from head to toe, it will guarantee to slim you down. Adding a print to off-set wide areas of your body is also a nice trick.


slimming women 3Steer Clear of Oversized Tops
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Wearing a top which is a size or two bigger may hide wide and bigger area BUT it won’t help you look thin. You can always try tops with asymmetrical hemlines or poncho-style cuts to hide your belly and an elbow-length sleeves to hide heavy arms.


slimming women 4Stretchy Shapewear
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These days, shapewear is made for every size, figure and problem spot on your body. Invest wisely in these things.


slimming women 5Go V
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Wearing v neckline tops will draw the eye up towards the shoulders and neck and away from the tummy. The v neckline can also slim a chubby face and lengthen a short neck.
Also, vertical stripes are very slimming. Horizontal stripes will make you look like more than a few pounds.


slimming women 6Stylish in Heels
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Wearing heels can give an illusion of a taller and leaner image. Although 5-inch heels are definitely not for you, look for high heels that you won’t have any hard time walking in. ankle strappy heels with nude colors or taupe will accentuate your leg.


slimming women 7Flare Pair
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Go for jeans that will allow your legs to have room and look for a pair that’s long and lean from waist to hem. Don’t go with stiff fabrics. Capri pants won’t flatter a short and stout body, sorry.


slimming women 8Avoid Fat Accessories
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Who knew that owning a rectangular watch is more slimming that a round one? A thin watchband or bracelet will create a longer arm. An attention-grabbing necklace can emphasize a slender collarbone and if you have a short neck, avoid chokers.


slimming women 9Stretch the Hemline
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If you only stand 5 foot and a bit chunky, don’t wear miniskirts even if your legs are amazing. Instead, go for mid-knee length skirts but sometimes, it could also chop you making you look shorter and heavier. Mid-calf or maxi skirts will create a lengthier look.


slimming women 10Balance Your Proportions
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You already know which body shape you are. For example, pear-shaped women should go for boat necks and other upper body detailing.