Women Shouldn’t Wear Heels Every Day and These Are Some of the Reasons

shoes 12High heels will destroy your knee joints, not to mention increase the risk of osteoarthritis. A recent study by researchers at a well-known university claimed that with high heels, there is a high danger involved – and it isn’t just from falling off them. That’s only from being in them at all.


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Don’t worry, whichever shoes you wear, there’s always a high chance that you’ll have some bunions, fungal infections, sore tendons and a number of hidden horrors that can make you feel all sorts of pain just by making the wrong choice of shoes.


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High heels’ awkward angle and strange pressure on your heel will wear away cartilage that leads to osteoarthritis or knee replacement surgery, or both.


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Shoes are an important piece of personal protection tool but then we add to them to make us taller and we walk miles in poorly-fitting shoes and not get up to all manner of activities without properly considering our choices of shoes.


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When we wear poor choices on our feet and the duration of wearing them can leave to damaging effects on the health of our feet.


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When choosing high heels, pick the style with a well-placed heel under the natural heel of the foot. Go for styles with buckles or straps to prevent the foot from slipping.


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If your genes include bunions, they will be made worse by narrow, slip-on styles of shoes. Avoid having open-backed or thin-soled shoes especially if you have dry or cracked heels.


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While those ugg-style boots are very warm and sometimes cute, when they get wet or have worn out, they will making your style of walking sloppier that can affect your knees, back, neck and shoulders.


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When you wet those, they will harbor infections and can even lead to Athlete’s foot. It’s always advisable to have a different pair of indoor shoes as well as outdoor shoes.


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You know what’s the universal shoes that can keep your feet strong? Flip flops. But sometimes, they can overtire the feet causing tendon problems because they work the entire back of the legs.


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When you’re at home, just go barefoot or wear those really comfortable. There are so many benefits of going barefoot even if only at home. Children who were barefoot have very little of the above problems.