Why Women Should Start Using Fanny Packs Again

fanny pack 7Also known as “bum bags”, “waist bags”, “belt bags”, fanny packs popularized in the 90s and even if it is now dorky, it was really stylish back in the day.

Lucky for us, we don’t get to wear weird-looking fanny packs because many designers have modernized the otherwise dorky bag.

Here are some of the reasons why women should start using fanny packs again.


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Fanny packs are hard to steal from because it’s always right in front of you and it’s tied around you.


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Fanny packs are really cute. They match up with everybody’s personal style from slick and minimalist to the eccentric. It gives a chic vibe and there’s definitely one for everyone.


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Fanny packs will not fuss around especially if you need to move around a lot. It’s easier to use fanny packs because you can power walk without clutching your purse, you can go on runs with your keys and phone with you and many more.


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Fanny packs are a lot harder to lose than your purse. You won’t lose this because it’s practically strapped on your body all the time. So you don’t even have to deal with losing your purse the next time you get out and party.


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Fanny packs will prevent you from carrying so many things. You’re not Mary Poppins. You don’t need to include a huge floor lamp in your purse. Inside your fanny pack should only be the essentials – coins, lipstick, powder, brush, card, money, phone, an atomizer and hand sanitizer.


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Admit it – fanny packs are quite unique.
Not only are they useful, but not a lot of people can rock these babies. If you’re always up for a touch of uniquely weird, try a fanny pack. It’s a fun way to go.