White Trendy Pieces to Add to Your Fall and Winter Outfits

women white 9“Don’t wear white after Labor Day!”

Don’t listen to that saying. No matter how dark and neutral-colored are the people around you, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out in one of these white stylish pieces perfect for fall.


women white 1White Blazer
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A white blazer is something that can keep you warm, smart and stylish. Most of your fall pieces should easily complement your white blazer. Whether it’s made of cotton or leather, you know you’re going to emerge classy in this white fashion trend that’s not pretty common for fall.


women white 2White Coat
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Similar to the white blazer, all you need is to swap your usual dark coat for white to achieve a divine and immaculate look, no matter what you wear underneath it. Just make sure you don’t look like a doctor or a chemist with the white coat.


women white 3White Leather Jacket
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You don’t see many women sporting a white leather jacket. Be the first one to wear one. Just wear this instead of your usual black leather jacket.


women white 4White Dress
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Fall and winter is full of dark, sad and kind of boring hues. If you don’t want to feel sad and pretty lonesome like your outfits, then add white to your fall outfits. One easy way to incorporate white to your look is with a white dress. You can choose between so many styles and lengths, depending on your day’s activities. If you don’t know how to style it, then just add colored leggings, a cardigan and oxford high heels for a preppy-ish look.


women white 5White Sweater
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Sweaters come in a lot of styles and colors but one color you should definitely add a white sweater to your fall ensemble. You’ll look extremely marvelous and clean in it especially when you pair it with leather trousers and boots or even jeans for a casual and cool look. Break the monotony by incorporating bright and bold pieces and accessories.


women white 6White Skirt
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Just because it’s cold outside, shouldn’t stop you from wearing a skirt this fall. Instead of your usual black or brown skirt, swap it for a white one. A white skirt can make you glow and should be a nice piece to add to your winter ensembles as well.


women white 7White Boots
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Keep a classy and chic look for fall and winter with white boots. It’s not a common color to wear this fall but that’s totally that point, right? For this season, it’s all about wearing something unique and going out of your comfort zone.


women white 8White Bag
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During fall and winter, many women would opt for dark bags like black, brown, burgundy, purple and so many more. But have you even considered a white bag for fall? Whether it’s a handbag, satchel or carryall, it can add a perfect look this season.