White Tennis Dress

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These tennis dresses usually have a Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable. They have mesh side panels for breathability and thin shoulder straps for comfort and wide range of motion. It’s the perfect dress to wear not just for tennis, but any type of sport, like badminton, that involves running around the court and batting or hitting using your arm.

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These types of dresses have built-in bra for snug support. You won’t even need to find the perfect sports bra to give you support.

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Maria Sharapova wore this white tennis dress to Premier Women’s in 2013. Why not get your hands on these as well?

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But who said you can’t show off some style in the court? This modern dress is actually a tennis dress. At first, you can’t even tell it’s a tennis dress but if you wear it, with the stretch jersey and Dri-FIT fabric, you will actually feel that this is for sports.

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Here’s a nice tennis dress in white cotton pique and ribbed collar twin tipped in black. It has a very flattering A-line shape.

white tennis dress 5 Pleated tennis dress that has a red and blue tipping detail. It’s nice to have those extra colors added to the simple and clean white dress. Normally, fabrics used for tennis dresses are stretchy and sweat-wicking that will keep your comfy during an intense game.

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This white border tennis dress is lovely because of the contrasting colors. This is made of polyester and elastane. Perfect for cool to warm weather conditions.

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The cutout detail of this tennis dress is exquisite. We feel like this can pass as a daytime or nighttime party outfit because it’s sexy, clean cut and just divine. If you’re a tennis player and want to add some style into your look, this dress is for you.

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Adidas collaborated with Stella McCartney to create the perfect outfits for athletes. This dress in one of them. If you want to stand out, not just because of your tennis abilities but also with your fashion sense as well, check out Stella McCartney’s Adidas line.

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This tennis dress from Lacoste will give your look a classic dress because of its mesh yoke detail. It even has that signature Croc logo and a detail stripe that are classic styles.

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Here’s another classic and simple tennis dress that is also perfect for your tennis adventures.