What Your Watch Says About You

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A man who wears a Rolex doesn’t automatically express achievement, superiority, manliness and flair. Wearing a Rolex in the most flashing way to boast about it disqualifies the wearer as someone to respect.


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But if a man wears it with subtleness and as a timeless style statement paired with a well-tailored suit, then you obviously know that the brand and what it conveys in the way of grace and proud but subtle masculinity.




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A man who wears IWC isn’t only self-confident but also doesn’t need to prove anything when it comes to style. He’s zealous about coziness and refuge, a traditionalist and contented in his own skin. He appreciates ambiguous jewelry and his suit of choice is always a crisp navy blue two-button.



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Omega has made its name bigger in the world of sports. They are not only the certified timekeeper of the Olympics but also produce a huge list of every athlete in the world for every major international sporting event.


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Omega isn’t normally for the wealthy men because they usually go for Rolex. But those who wear Omega communicates stylishness with control that’s more refined.




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The brand is all about regal sophistication. They’ve provided royalties their jewelries and have become the most successful watchmakers in the world.


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A man who wears Cartier loves art and sophistication. The brand shows both in lavish style.


Patek Philippe


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This brand isn’t common for men and not even one for the kind-of successful man. Patek Philippe is the most powerful watch because it’s considered to be one of the supreme watch brands in the world. It has in-house modernizations that put the rest of watchmaking in the stone ages.


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If a man wears Patek Philippe, he already accomplished his own goals. He’s successful enough where others still dare to dream. The man is not a big fan of fine watches but he is likely one of the most successful and thriving in his field where he’s respected and admired because of his intelligence, business expertise or riches (or all three). The man takes skillful risks and make them work to his benefit.