What to Wear to Your Ex’s Wedding

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Invited to your ex boyfriend’s wedding? It’s a bit flattering to invite you, isn’t it? Especially if you haven’t both talked in a few years and you were the one who were dumped. It took you months to get over him. It only means that you’re still close enough that your present is important at one of the most special days of his life. So why not have fun and mess with him just a tad? Here are some sexy dresses and some what to do and not during his big day.

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You want to look smoking hot without outshining yourself or your outfit to the bride. As much as you kind of hate the bride, don’t wear a white dress unless you want your ex to never regret breaking up with you all those years ago for being a selfish person.

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Don’t be so desperate to bring a date just because you’re single. Never bring one especially if you just happen to know a random guy who’s not busy on that day. If you are seeing someone, go ahead. Be sure he’s a good one to bring.

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At some point, you’re going to need to talk to the groom (and his bride). So greet him and all that. After all, you guys were once friends.

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When you greet him, don’t be overly affectionate with him. Hug for at least a few seconds without thinking it’s awkward and weird. Long embraces are not meant for weddings days, especially not on your ex’s wedding.
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Congratulate the bride and tell her she’s beautiful. Try to sound so convincing and real instead of sounding fake. She’s going to feel a bit weirded out that she’s celebrating her husband’s ex. Don’t overdo the friendliness – that’s what we’re saying.

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NEVER bring up your relationship with the groom. Even if you’re just joking around, it’s not the right time to comment how it was supposed to be “us getting married”, or something about how the song they chose used to be your song and all that. Keep your comments innocent, light and just nice.

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Chat with his family because at some point, you were once close with them. Go ahead and catch up with them.

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But don’t spend all night with your ex’s parents. There’s no need to get all friendly again with them. Socialize with other people – not just the parents.

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If people asked you how you know about the groom, answer that you guys met in college or through a mutual friend – not throw in the “we used to sleep together” answer.

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When the bride introduces you to some people as “my husband’s ex”, don’t make it such a big deal as off-putting as that could be. Act nonchalant about it or even throw in a slightly nasty banter or sass.