What to Wear to Your Best Friend’s Wedding

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It’s a bit tricky when you dress up for your best friend’s wedding. You want to look for the perfect dress that will fit the theme and venue WITHOUT overshadowing the bride on her big day. Lucky for you, we have come up with 10 dresses you could wear to this shindig and a couple of tips to not ruin your best friend’s wedding. Rock it and let us know what you think.

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Try wearing a strapless chiffon dress. It is an instant classic perfect for semi-formal wedding ceremonies. It’s simply flattering, girly and romantic. Unless you’re the one who’s getting married, don’t wear red or white. It’s going to be hard for the couple to stand out if you’re the “other girl” who’s wearing the fancy white dress

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If the ceremony is more laidback and relaxed, try a satin midi dress. Just because it’s a relaxed event, doesn’t mean you will drink your butt off like crazy. Everybody likes to drink at weddings but just be careful. You don’t want to get drunk on your best friend’s wedding and make a scene. remember that there’s a fine line between tipsy and overboard.

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This heart-shaped open back is super flirty with a mix of 60s and modern twist. This is the perfect A-line dress to wear to the wedding. Don’t show up to the wedding empty-handed. Whether it’s a big ceremony or just an intimate one, it costs the bride and groom an amount of money to have you celebrate with them. So maybe show up with a gift. There’s no price minimum but just make sure your present comes from your heart.

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For those romantics who want an ethereal look for formal occasions, try a dark blue lace dress. It will give out a demure vibe and if you want something that will make you look cute and sweet, try a pink one. Don’t ignore the dress code if the couple took time to specify what to wear on their special day.

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When in doubt, try wearing a silk peplum dress. It’s sophisticated and relaxed at the same time. You can choose something in light colors or in faded prints. Speaking of relaxed, don’t bring a guest they don’t like or can’t stand. It’s supposed to be a worry-free ceremony with positive vibes. It’s important to choose your plus one wisely.

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A flowy and floral maxi dress is the perfect statement for a countryside or beachside wedding. Don’t embarrass yourself and the couple if you know embarrassing things about them. No impromptu speeches! If you have no business in grabbing the mic or you weren’t asked to give a speech, don’t grab that microphone.

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You would want to make a statement without throwing shade with this graphic print dress. It features a carefree style. Don’t show up to the wedding late. being on time is both respectful and necessary.

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Here’s a boho dress – very ladylike and lovely perfect for garden weddings, beach weddings, etc. Unless your life is in danger, don’t tell your troubles to the bride or groom. Tell someone else instead.

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A shimmery lilac dress will take you from an evening ceremony to dancing and then drinks. Don’t ever skip the ceremony. Guests who show up only for the reception has only one thing in mind – partying. Won’t it be fun to witness the happy couple exchange their vows? If partying is all you want, then you don’t deserve a spot on their guest list.

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If you want to show up with an effortless and chic ensemble, wear a patterned black and white dress. Be careful with your dress and the bride’s dress. Accidents happen and just because you’re wearing a black and white dress, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t steer clear of the bride and groom whenever you’re holding something that stains.

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