What to Wear to a Play

Theater plays were traditionally an entertainment for privileged people that’s why dressing up accordingly is important.

Although it really depends on the type of play you’re attending to, you could dress a little more or less formally. There are even other theaters that allow people to dress nonchalantly or even semi-formal and business casual outfits.

Here are some outfit ideas on what to wear to a play and guidelines on how to dress accordingly.


Belt top, pleated skirt, high-heeled sandals

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1In opening nights and special “black tie” events that is being hosted by the theater, piece together elegant selections from your closet. Pick out your favorite pleated maxi skirt and just pair it with a formal blouse like this bell top. Finish off your look with high heels. This is a simple yet trendy outfit idea on what to wear to a play.


Blue gown with gold embellishments

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1For opening nights or an opera, formal dresses are expected. “Black tie” and “white tie” are formal events. A floor-length gown with cute embellishments is perfect to wow other theater-goers without having to put the entire spotlight on you. After all, people came to watch the play.


Printed dress, fur bolero, statement necklace

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1It’s important you should know the event setting. One helpful plan is to dress up how you would dress for a night out in an expensive bistro. Look elegant in a chic printed dress which you can style with a statement-making bolero and necklace.


Girly blouse, midi skirt

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1For modern formal theater events, you can wear the same outfit you would wear to charity dinners, weddings or funerals. This pretty girly look is a perfect example of what to wear to a play that isn’t too formal or too casual.


Bow blouse, bold suit, printed high heels

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1At certain production and casual plays, even though they say there isn’t a dress code, you’re still expected to look nice. While shorts and spaghetti straps are okay for really casual events, for the play, this suit outfit which you can either pair with printed heels or plain heels scream more “upscale restaurant” than “lazy bar night”.


Green romper, gold oxfords

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1It’s also advisable that you can dress plainly and comfortably. Dress for comfort since you will be sitting down for hours. You can take cues from your mom’s old fashion sense and how she would dress you for family gatherings when you were a kid but this time, update your romper into a classy one like this emerald green paired with gold oxfords.


Pastel pink off-shoulder dress, nude chunky heels

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1If you’re attending plays for spring and summer, you can wear light colors and fabrics. You can also wear colors in pastel. This pastel pink off-shoulder dress looks really pretty to wear for a play as well as other gatherings you’re going to.


Bold red coat

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1For fall and winter, create an intricate, layered look. Heavy materials like cardigans, dress boots and linens can become factors of a spiced-up seasonal style. A bold red coat will look amazing paired with an all-black ensemble, a great choice to wear to a casual play.


Long sleeved top, sleeveless blazer, comfy pants

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1The theater can get chilly or hot at some climates so it’s always better to bring a warm extra layer that you can shed if needed. This outfit idea to wear to the play is pretty comfy yet fashionable.


Cape, sweater, plaid skirt, knee-high boots

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1When dressing for a particular production, pay attention to what kind of production you’ll be going to and know the appropriate way to dress. You can wear this sweater, cape and skirt that scream fall and winter, while looking cozy and chic at the same time.


Pastel coat, girly top, jeans

what-to-wear-to-a-play-1You can call the theater managers to find out what is the expected dress code for the event will be. When there are no certain guidelines to follow, then it’s easy to go casual. You can wear a dressy top paired with jeans, high heels and a coat for that effortless modish look.

Discover the arts and enjoy the entertainment. Any theater can become into a miraculous place when you let yourself feel like you’re on cloud nine.


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