What to Wear and How to Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Booking for a boudoir photo shoot? It’s all about you. Whether it would be a surprise for you groom-to-be or just something you’d want to do, it’s neither easy, nor difficult because you want something tasteful. Not tacky.

First thing you want to do IF you decide to shoot like this is ask for recommendations. You can ask your friends or even search the net for reputable photographers in your area.

When you’ve booked your photographer and have found out his or her studio isn’t appealing to you, book a hotel.

Before heading out to the nearest lingerie store to start shopping, decide what “theme” you want to go for. It could be something pinup, something playful, something classic glamour. You want to look for clothes that will show your personality and not just your sexy package.

Bring as many wardrobe changes as you possibly can. Don’t just limit your shoot to one attire. You hired a photographer so make the most out of the shoot.

When it comes to props, bringing some is always a bonus. Go for items that define who you are and the sex symbol you’re portraying.

Not sure whether to smile or pout? The photographer will give some coaching for you.

Before the shoot starts, make sure to have your nails groomed, make up done and hair styled. If you’re doing your makeup yourself, make sure to spend extra time on it to make you look stunning. False eyelashes are your best friend! Also, when you’re doing your own hair, if you need a little oomph, spraying an entire can of hairspray isn’t going to work. It’d be better to get your hair and makeup done by a professional, or even you’re friend who’s absolutely talented at it.

You need a good night’s sleep before this scheduled photo shoot and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Don’t eat heavy meals before the shoot for they will make you look bloated.

Being nervous is normal. The photographer will make you feel relaxed and comfortable before starting the sexy shoot. Sometimes, they would offer some champagne or wine to loosen you up.

Now we’ve got that covered, now all you need are some outfit ideas for the shoot. Don’t worry, we have 9 ideas on what you should wear to the shoot.

boudoir outfit 2

Corsets are uncomfortable but sometimes, it’s just worth it.

boudoir outfit 3

Wear something of his, but not his necktie or something. You wouldn’t want him to be reminded of the things he do on a 9-to-5 weekday. It could be something he’d like to see you in on the weekdays. His favorite sports team perhaps?

boudoir outfit 4

You can even wear a sexy little dress to the shoot. It doesn’t always have to be lingerie.

boudoir outfit 5

Sometimes, going barefoot is okay but heels are great, especially sexy high heels. Find something that is more than 2 inches of heels because wearing 2-inch heels are clearly NOT high enough.

boudoir outfit 6

Wear something scandalous! Leave your imagination open because there are a lot of sexy pieces that you would look great in. if you think of it as something too much, go for it.

boudoir outfit 7

Something you’d wear during weekends.

boudoir outfit 8

Sexy pair bra and panties are obviously the simple answer.

boudoir outfit 9

Bustiers are related to corsets, giving a flattened chest a sheer compression. They’re more comfortable than corsets so go ahead and try this out.

boudoir outfit 10

And of course, wear NOTHING. Make it creative by adding a sheet, a creative teasing pose, something that would really spice up your album. Highlight your favorite features without even wearing anything. Artistic nudes are amazing.

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