What NOT to Wear on a Winter Date Night – According to Guys – Valentine’s Edition

What’s winter-appropriate but super cute? What is warm but not massive? How am I supposed to look when I don’t really want to look like a giant pillow with all these layers?

To help with these “I don’t have anything to wear!” dilemma, (which usually come out with every single time we stare at out closet), we’ve turn to men and ask them what they wouldn’t want to see their ladies in. Did you know that they have a lot to say when it comes to this freezing weather style and how it seriously affects them (well, it’s not just us then).

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The number 1 winter offender –Uggs – it doesn’t come as a surprise really. They’re comfortable, let’s face it, but going on a dinner date (even a drink date); these are just not the type of footwear you should be wearing, especially when you’re already 20 years old. Maybe if you’re 13, then they’d love it on you. But many guys think of Uggs as tacky and ugly.

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Wearing hats indoors? Uh, we just want to keep ourselves warm. What’s so wrong with that? Well, guys believe winter knit hats are silly on girls especially the winter knit hats. Oh, did you mean a beanie? But they’re super cute especially those that have words on them. But for the sake of the date, sure, we’d stop wearing one.

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Short dresses are very impractical when it’s winter. As much as they love those mini dresses we wear during spring and summer, nobody wants to see their dates shivering during a casual conversation. We don’t want to get hypothermia or pneumonia, right? So skip the skimpy dresses for another season.

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Whether it’s a real fur or a faux fur, guys think their pretty hideous. They believe that wearing furry coats are like “overdoing” the coats because “having furry, large coats just tells me you spend too much money and will make me think you’re an idiot”. Well, there’s one straight-forward way to say it. Also, they believe that girls in fur are so snobby and stuck up. And guys are actually anti animal cruelty. That’s so nice of them.

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OMG leather boots is on the list? But how, why?! “How do they keep you warm in the winter?” If you wear them with fuzzy socks, then MAYBE. But they’re super cool and stylish. We believe its how your style your leather boots. So if you wear jeans and a jacket with them, it might cut the list of Do-Not’s.

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The thing is, if we can’t wear Uggs, leather boots and furs, it’s best to say that we shouldn’t go on a winter date with them. Ha-ha