What accessories should complement your work outfit?

work appropriate accessories 12

Doesn’t your work outfit look much better if you have accessories on? It’s about wanting to look professional but also maintaining a sense of style. Accessories that will show off your personal style while making you look feminine and graceful without compromising your professional look.

Below are some accessorizing options to add a bit of panache to your plain or boring work outfits will being appropriate in your office environment.


work appropriate accessories 1Jewelry
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It is basically the key to accessorizing but what you need to focus on is the simplicity of the jewelry.


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You can get away with wearing a pendant necklace with matching earrings for a touch of elegant style. When in doubt, go for a bracelet because it always adds a statement to any outfit.


work appropriate accessories 3Bag
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A stylish handbag is an amazing accessory where you can add texture, pattern and color to your work ensemble.


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Perhaps a leather bag in green will give your outfit a statement-making look that it deserves. You can also purchase bags that are in colors, like a mustard yellow handbag or a burgundy shoulder bag, depending on what you prefer. Don’t just limit your bags to neutral colors.


work appropriate accessories 5Scarf
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A scarf is an accessory that will truly add flair to your work outfit but will still stay properly attired. These days, you see scarves in different styles and materials – that only gives you an advantage to pick whatever you like.


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For work, choose a scarf that is ideal to your ensemble but feel free to experiment which style will suit your outfit for the day.


work appropriate accessories 7Belt
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Transform your look instantly with a belt. It’s one of the easiest ways to pull off your outfit. Not only will it have a slimming effect on your waist, it will also provide contrast to a dull fabric.


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If you wear a traditional suit to work each day, belts will offer a nice solution to your boring outfit. Add a skinny belt to a neutral suit for a bit of zing to your work ensemble.


work appropriate accessories 9Hairstyle
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Don’t neglect your hair. The style of your hair will reflect your sense of style.


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While professional women opt for conservative and polished hairstyles, add a little clip or a simple yet dainty headband to complement your professional look.