Wet Hairstyles On-The-Go

wet hairstyles 11We’ve seen slicked ponytails, soaked-swim hair on fashion runways, especially the spring runways where models had wet hairs. Or maybe we just don’t have the time to blow dry or we don’t want to blow dry because of the damage it gives our locks. Or maybe you just want to look cute after a swim in the pool or ocean. No matter what your reason is for wanting to sport a wet hairstyle, we’ve got some wet hair looks for every situation.


wet hairstyles 1Commuting

You can do a swooping bun with your hair for a cutting-edge style. This ladylike bun will make you look sophisticated. The low bun hairstyle is perfect for when you’re rushing to work and your hair is still wet. Just make sure it isn’t dripping because that’s just really weird.


wet hairstyles 2After Gym

Create a cool and twisted effect with a back four-strand braid. If you’re a master of those complicated braids, impress others with your skills by doing a four-strand braid. Section your hair into four, and then take the second section of hair from your left then cross it all the way over to the right.

Repeat on the other side. The trick is to cross the far right section over to the other side then just twisting the two remaining sections. You’ll have a rope-texture by then and just add in elastic at the bottom.


wet hairstyles 3Random

Another just-dipped-into-the-water look is simply by slicking your hair with visible comb lines all the way to the back and simply just leaving it that way. This is one common hairstyle we’ve all seen on the runway.


wet hairstyles 4Errands

A topknot is not only one of the coolest updos in the beach, but also in normal times where you’re busy with stuff. You can always style it up a bit by leaving a portion of hair around the front rather than just doing a basic top bun.


wet hairstyles 5Al Fresco Dining

After a couple of hours out in the sun, your dry ponytail will look really slick and a kind of rich-girl kind of hairstyle.


wet hairstyles 6After Yoga

Here’s an upgrade of the regular ponytail. Divide your hair into three sections. With the middle section, make a low ponytail. Twist the left portion then place it below your low pony and do the same with your right. Join the three sections by securing elastic.


wet hairstyles 7Romantic meet-up

Leaving some hair on your face and doing a ponytail is something a bit of avant-garde. Just scrunch the loose front pieces of your hair for added texture. Then just gel it all up to keep the frizziness at bay when your hair starts to dry.


wet hairstyles 8Party

Mess up your fringe a bit then. Mess up your entire hair but continue to look chic by adding in a bold lip color, that way, you wouldn’t look like you’ve just gotten out of the shower.


wet hairstyles 9Naturally wavy hair

If you have it naturally, just leave it that way. It’s simply sleek and will make you look like a runway model.