Weekly Style Winners and Sinners

stylish celebs this week 11Here are this week’s stylish celebrities from red carpets to birthday parties to off-duty days.


stylish celebs this week 1Victoria Justice looked gorgeous in this adorable neon orange striped dress which we believe is a pretty summer-y dress to wear on sunny days. She even matched an orange lip with white accessories including her white pointed-toe heels, white purse and white nail polish.


stylish celebs this week 2Kate Moss looking really pretty and continues to reign as one of the best off-duty looks up to date. Moss was spotted wearing a classic shirt, a trendy neck scarf and a really statement-making tote bag.


stylish celebs this week 3Well Kylie Jenner’s birthday was earlier this week but it’s nothing new because even on her casual wear, she looks really stylish and edgy. We’ve only seen her couple of times wearing the off-duty look. Wherever she goes, like at the frozen yogurt place, she wore expensive-looking outfits and accessories and yeah. Also, we love that platinum blonde hair.


stylish celebs this week 4Kate Bosworth always amazes us with her eclectic personal style. She paired her girly accessories with a tucked-in button down shirt paired with slouchy denim trousers.


stylish celebs this week 5Here we have Lizzy Caplan wearing a matching set from Valentino Resort 2016 and accessorized her fabulous embroidery for an outfit with metallic strappy heels.


stylish celebs this week 6This outfit was the talk of the week because Kendall Jenner wore this seriously affordable playsuit. We believe this was only between $21 and $29. Like, what the hell? It just proves that she can wear a cheap and non-designer outfit and continue to rock it.


And here are the fashion sinners for this week.


stylish celebs this week 7Noah Cyrus

Miley’s little sister attended Kylie Jenner’s birthday looking like this. A little bit early for Halloween don’t you think?


Kylie Jenner Celebrates Her 18th Birthday In StyleKourtney Kardashian didn’t’ look too sad after announcing her split from long-time boyfriend and father of her children Scott Disick. The oldest Kardashian wore a pretty jazzy and sexy party outfit during Kylie’s 18th birthday but isn’t this just a bit tight? We feel like there could be a camel-toe right there.


stylish celebs this week 9Sorry Rita Ora, but even if you’re not a stranger to wearing exposed bras in public. But is it ever attractive? People cringe at the thought of their bra straps showing, let alone an actual bra for everyone to see. Unless you’re going out to a club or Halloween, then maybe you can pull this kind of outfit off.


stylish celebs this week 10Christina Milan, what’s this outfit all about? Why won’t she zip her shorts? What’s with the fringe embellishments with a latex-looking top and nipple action?