Wedding Dresses for Your Body Type

wedding dress for your body type 1

Finding the perfect wedding dress is both the bride’s favorite part and the hardest part. The process is too difficult – you need to look for the dress that looks great with your body type. You look for dress after dress and it will just make you feel like a full woman. Wearing different styles, standing up on the bridal stage in the fitting room is kind of fun.

The trick is to find a dress that looks good on you and something that you feel good in. A wedding dress guide is what you really need, learning through a couple of trial-and-error. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Here’s a wedding dress guide that’s essential for every bride out there.

There are five different styles of wedding dresses. Find the right one that will accentuate your best features but hide the areas you’re conscious of despite your shape or size.

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1. The empire dress is something unique. It has a raised waistline that sits just below your bust while the rest of the dress flows done. It has different lengths of sleeves and different skirt cuts that can freely flow or contour your body. The fabric used for this is somewhat lighter, hence, giving it a romantic look and feel.

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It flatters most body types but it most certainly will look flattering for a bride wanting to enhance her bust. Brides with larger busts could also sport this romantic dress because the traditional square could cover larger ones. The empire dress is perfect for women with pear-shaped figures.

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2. The mermaid cut is a very sexy look that will flatter the bride’s curves. The silhouette contours the body from the chest to the knee with flares out to the hem. It comes in different variations from halter style, to flamenco, to strapless.

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It flatters those who are confident enough because this dress is a body-hugging cut. Most importantly, those with slender, short and tall figures, also curvy brides could rock this as well.

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3. The A-line dress is a classic and simple A-line dress that is fitted around the bodice and flows freely to the ground. The length can vary from above the knee to full length with a large train. Fabrics commonly used for this dress is made of silk and satin. The Princess dress is just somehow more dramatic than the simple A-line dress.

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If your goal is to look slim, then choose a princess style dress. If you want something that could hide a round lower body or create the illusion of curves on a narrow frame, then the A-line dress is for you.

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4. The Ball Gown is a dress that will make you feel like you’re in one of those fairy tale books. It’s a fitted bodice with a full skirt (can be one piece or separate). This dress is perfect for big and traditional weddings. You can even add gloves and a dramatic long train for that added “OMG WOW” factor. The fabrics commonly used for this dress are satin, chiffon, even layers of tulle or taffeta.

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It flatters slender of pear-shaped figures. The full skirt will help emphasize the waist but hide the lower body. it will give an hourglass look because of the emphasis on the waistline.

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5. The column dress has a narrow shape that flows straight down to the bottom. It hugs the body and shows the curves of the bride. It can be a simple slip dress made of heavy fabrics.

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The column dress, also known as the sheath dress, is a timeless style suited for lean brides. Those who are petite can look taller and longer with this dress but won’t be able to hide problem areas. Also, these dresses could make it hard for you to move around especially on the dance floor.