Wearing Leggings the Right Way (featuring Preppy Outfits)

There are many ways to style leggings. It doesn’t only come in black; there are many others in printed and fun colors as well.

Some people don’t really understand what leggings really are. We see girls wear leggings with a camel toe, with the imprints of their cellulites, wearing them as pants, etc.. And it makes you think, are leggings great substitutes for pants?

The answer is simply this – it’s how you wear your leggings that will make you conclude if they should be pants on you.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 2

Leggings are not tights or pants. Although they are very comfortable and easy to style, they are not, by any chance, considered pants.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 7

Since leggings come in different colors and prints, it’s easy to mix it up. Leggings are very versatile.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 8

Cropped top and leggings just don’t work. It isn’t and will never be a fashion thing. It’s unbalanced and anything unbalanced is never attractive.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 13

The saying “Stay classy. Never trashy.” Totally applies to this fashion staple. It’s because you want to cover your bits and pieces. It’s all about making the leggings work for you and not the other way around.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 1

Wear leggings with plenty of layers especially when during cold days.

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Leggings should be paired with long tops. You need that to cover your bum. But some people can pull it off with a not-so-long top, still, it’s more flattering to wear it with longer tops. Unless it’s jeggings (cross breed between leggings and jeans), you can opt for a shorter top. Jeggings are thick, fabric almost identical to jeans. No need to be showing the people how you have a healthy, bouncy booty.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 5

Try styling your leggings with a slightly oversized sweater or shirt. Contrast your dark leggings with pastels or any light-toned colors.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 10

One of the best ways to dress up your leggings is by wearing them with a pair of statement boots. It can either be cool cowboy boots, chunky heeled boots, and ankle or knee high boots, printed boots, anything, really.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 9

Rock your leggings with loud prints, embellishments and cutouts.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 4

The fabric of your leggings matter. Ponte pants are a breed between leggings and real pants.

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 3

If you have a pair with patterns, it’s best to avoid loud and bright prints. Why not opt for a neutral colored top? Or something with a muted color? Or maybe, a color almost similar to your leggings?

preppy outfit ideas with leggings 11

Whether you love them or hate them, these fashionable bottoms will forever stay as a fashion must-have. So might as well experiment, experiment, experiment, on different looks and styles.