What to Wear to a Jury Duty: Women’s Guide

Part of being a citizen in our country requires for us to attend at least one Jury Duty. Once in a while, we will get a letter summoning us to be a part of a trial. If it’s your first time ever attending a Jury Duty, you may not know exactly what to do. Don’t stress out! We are here to help you, at least, figure out What to Wear to a Jury Duty.

what to wear to a jury duty women

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What to Wear to a Jury Duty: The Basics

In most cases, Jury Duty is going to be in a professional atmosphere, unless there’s a specific dress code to fit the trial, dressing up professionally like you are going for an interview is how you want to look.

what to wear to a jury duty women

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One thing to remember when attending a Jury Duty is to dress up comfortably and formal. You want to make sure you look professional and respectable. Although you may not be a witness or the lawyer, you still have a big role.

what to wear to a jury duty women

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You don’t have to dress up extremely formal like you are attending your senior prom, but you also do not want to dress up like you’re about to go to sleep. A perfect What to Wear to a Jury Duty outfit option is a long sleeve button down shirt tucked in a pencil cut skirt, an optional office blazer, minimal jewelry and comfortable black heels.

what to wear to a jury duty women

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Another great What to Wear to a Jury Duty outfit option, if you don’t want to wear a two piece suit, is an office dress paired with a light cardigan for a pop of color, comfortable pumps, and a watch to add on to your professional ensemble.

What to Wear to a Jury Duty:  Professionally comfortable

You don’t always have to wear a dress, or suit and high heels to be taken seriously in such events. In our generation, there are so many different alternatives for a professional outfit that doesn’t take away our feminine attributes. Believe it or not, you can actually be comfortable and look professional at the same time!

what to wear to a jury duty for women

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One way to look professional, comfortable, and fun is pairing up a long sleeve button down with a knitted sweater over, a solid fitted ankle pants, and some slip on flats for a pop of color. Talk about looking professional while having the ability to move around more comfortably compared to wearing a dress or a skirt!

what to wear to a jury duty for women

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Another great alternative for a more comfortable and professional outfit for Jury Duty is pairing an over the belly trousers or work joggers and a solid white shirt. Pair it with your favorite go to purse and flats and you’ve got yourself an outfit that looks professional, comfortable, and simple.

what to wear to a jury duty women

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Keep your What to Wear to a Jury Duty outfit feminine and comfortable by wearing a white button down blouse and a fitted nude blazer, with a dark, solid fitted ankle pants. Pair this very feminine ensemble with your favorite printed flats and minimal jewelries for an extra flair.

What to Wear to a Jury Duty: Make up

When you are summoned for Jury Duty, there’s one thing to remember when it comes to your make up. The natural look.

Jury Duty make up

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Opt for a no make up make up look by simply enhancing the beautiful features that you already possess; your hair, eyes, and lips. You can do this by simply applying mascara, a little bit of eyeliner, and nude or a skin tone lipstick. Leave your hair to it’s natural locks and brush it for an easy and effortless professional look.

Jury Duty Make up

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Refrain from having no make up or having too much make up when attending a Jury Duty.

A natural look does not mean you have to look like you literally don’t have any make up. When attending a Jury Duty, it’s better to go for a more natural look because it keeps you looking fresh and professional without having the need to worry if your eyeliner is smudging or your lipstick is gone. Depending on the trial, Jury Duty can take hours and even days, therefore, make up really shouldn’t be your priority. But, you do not want to show up with no make up and look like you don’t want to be there and you also do not want to show up like you’re just now getting back from partying all night.

What to Wear to a Jury Duty: Accessories

what to wear to a jury duty women

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When planning What to Wear to a Jury Duty, make sure you consider where it’s going to take place. Most of the time, it will be in some sort of government building or courthouse where metal detectors and screening will take place for safety purposes. In that case, keep in mind that the more jewelry you wear, the more hassle it’s going to be for you. Keep your most expensive jewelries at home and no need to wear your stacks of necklaces and bracelets because it may serve as a distraction. Keep it simple by wearing studs or small earrings, watch or bracelet, and a ring.

what to wear to a jury duty

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Don’t forget to bring your favorite book, snacks, homework, or anything to keep you occupied while you wait! Make sure to take your coffee in the morning or anything to help you stay awake and energized!

Happy Jury Duty!