What to Wear to a Funeral: Women’s Guide

Ever lost anyone special in your life? Whether it be your very dear friend, a family member, a co worker, an old schoolmate, or a pet that you loved so dearly – it’s a very emotional stage in life that I’m sure all of us have experienced. Funerals are Never Fun, sometimes we hope and pray that we don’t ever have to go through that stage in life right? But that’s reality! People come and go everyday, and with funerals, you have to show up with the utmost respect to the deceased and his/her family. Whether it be your first viewing/wake or your 12th time, not all funerals run the same way. There’s a lot of factors to take in with such occasions! Don’t know where to start? Read on and learn some Funeral Outfit Tips on being your utmost best when attending a Funeral.

What to Wear to a Funeral: Women's Guide

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What to Wear to a Funeral: The Basics

What to Wear to a Funeral

A Funeral is a very somber event, therefore, being at your best behavior and looking humble is the way you want to go. Here are some Basics on What to Wear to a Funeral and things to remember when attending:

  • Avoid wearing anything too casual
  • Avoid showing too much skin
  • Refrain from wearing anything that’s grabs the attention of others attending – (ex. wearing clothing that are bright in color, graphic Designs, jeans, shiny material, etc.)
  • Avoid being too flashy with your accessories
  • Tone Down on make up
  • Consider the venue of the Funeral and the weather
  • Pay Attention to the set theme, color, Religion, and Culture of the occasion
  • Pay Respects to the deceased and His/ Her family – remember the Funeral is about them not You!
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What to Wear to a Funeral: Traditional Funeral

traditional funeral outfit

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Unless otherwise Instructed by the family about a specific Dress Code, the Traditional or Most Common Attire for Women Attending a Funeral is Black. Black, in most cases, is the color of Mourning. Therefore, it’s the color that’s most commonly worn in these types of events. Traditional Funeral Outfits usually include either a Black dress, Black skirt and blouse at an appropriate length, or a Black suit for women.

what to wear to a funeral women

Although Black is the sure way to go when you’re in doubt, other colors are also appropriate, such as – Grey, Brown, Navy Blue, or anything that’s a dark ,solid, and mute tone.

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What to Wear to a Funeral: Covering up for Respect!

Ladies! Avoid wearing outfits that are sexually appealing when you’re attending a wake or viewing. Don’t wear anything that’ll grab the attention away from the deceased and their family. You must show up with respect and you yourself must look respectable.

what NOT to wear to a funeral

  • Avoid Dresses or Skirts that are too short or tight-fitting
  • Avoid Low cuts or V-Neck tops that show too much cleavage
  • Avoid Strap less and Short Sleeves
  • Avoid High Slits

Wearing such outfits can be looked at as more outgoing rather than formal wear. Wear enough that you’re covering your arms, legs, and goodies at the right length!

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What to Wear to a Funeral: Appropriate Accessories

In some Religion, Culture, or Occasion, Women are allowed to wear hats, net covers, and/or sunglasses for the face to hide expressions or too much mourning!

funeral makeup

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What to Wear to a Funeral: Make up

funeral makeup

Funerals are not the time to show off how good you are with highlighting and contouring. Sometimes less is more! In such events, that is the motto you want to follow.

Tone down your make up.

Opt for a more Natural look when attending Funerals.

A Light foundation coverage and Nude palettes are the Best Choice!

Your Lipstick shouldn’t be too harsh either. Refrain from wearing shades that are too bright or too dark.

Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara is a MUST!

make up artist

Remember to always honor the family’s request. If the deceased was a Make Up Artist and the family wishes for the attendees to come with more make up or a specific look, that is the priority!

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What to Wear to a Funeral: Weather and Location

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funeral rain

Always check the invitation on where the venue will be and how the weather will be on that day:

If it’s and outdoor Funeral and you know it will rain, bring an umbrella, but make sure that the umbrella is color appropriate. In most cases people use Black umbrellas for funerals. 


summer funeral outfit

If you’re attending a Summer Funeral, whether or not the venue is indoors or outdoors, still observe formal and appropriate clothing. Refrain from wearing anything too short. Wear a lighter clothing material to cover up, for ex:

  • Shawl or a Summer Wrap/Scarf
  • Light Cardigan
  • Light Blazer
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winter funeral outfitIf you’re attending a Winter Funeral, your coats, gloves, and any other Winter clothing must still be appropriate in color and style. Your Winter necessities  must still follow the theme or dress code assigned. Wearing a dark tone coat to match the rest of your All Black Ensemble is a Perfect Winter Funeral Outfit!





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What to Wear to a Funeral: Religion and Culture Difference

When planning your outfit, take in consideration where/ what Religion or Culture the deceased and His/Her family is from.

traditional american funeral

Black may not be the given color of mourning, in that case, always follow the given instructions for the dress code.

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So, whether this may be your first time attending a funeral or your 2nd, 3rd time, such occasion is not the time to show off your most expensive jewelry, clothing, or what brand of bag you use on a daily basis. It is the time to mourn with the family that has lost someone very important in their lives. Whether you are just attending or you are part of the family, knowing What to Wear to a Funeral is one way to show respect to the Dead.