What to Wear on the First Date: Women’s Guide

In our generation, it’s no surprise that the couples you meet or see were most likely introduced to each other though dating sites. And there is nothing wrong with that! There are so many out there that actually use dating sites; rather than the typical traditional ways through mutual friends or family set ups, because you can actually narrow and filter who you want to meet. There are so many options such as specific race and cultures, senior dating, christian dating, etc.

After figuring out what site best fits your criteria, the next big step is looking the part! Let’s all be real, we know that the main thing that attracts us to each other, especially on the first encounter, is our outside appearance. Make a first great impression by dressing the part! Follow these tips on What to Wear on the First Date: Women’s Guide, and you’re sure to leave an impression that will last!  

What to Wear on the First Date and Why It’s Very Important

Finding that one perfect outfit for the first date is very nerve wracking because you want to make sure that you will leave an amazing first impression. The way you look on the outside has to show how you are on the inside. Clothing yourself in a way that states who you are, how your personality is, your likes and dislikes will not only make you desirable, but most of all genuine! Who wouldn’t want to be with a woman who knows herself and how to be herself, right? Be confident in what you wear! Never look down on yourself and strut the body and appearance that was given to you!


Image 1 – For a more dark punk and gothic vibe, pair up a lacey black dress with a leather jacket and oxfords.

Image 2  – Be more eccentric and loose by wearing loose fitted clothes, like a white long sleeve with ripped designs on the shoulders tuck in a cuffed up loose jean material trouser and high cut combat boots. Top it off with a fun and colorful scarf to add more fun!

Image 3 – Keep it elegant and simple by wearing an all white ensemble with a statement necklace.

Image 4 – Be more sexy and show off your beautiful curves with the classy date night little black dress.

Fit and Appearance of Clothing is Impactful

As the Famous Demi Lovato sang “What’s wrong with being Confident?”, the answer is Nothing! Women who are confident are beautiful, but be careful ladies because you want to be confident without being cocky or overconfident. With that being said, dressing confidently, no matter what size and shape you are, is very impactful. Your clothing choices must be naturally fitting to your body, appearance, and personality. Don’t over dress and don’t under dress. Make sure your outfit for the first date is something that will be beneficial both to yourself and the person you are meeting. Meaning, an outfit that will represent YOU in the best way!


Image 1 – If your body type is skinny, wearing a straight cut dress, above the knee is perfect. It adds room for you to move and be comfortable. Wearing anything too tight fitting when your body shape is smaller than others may have your partner thinking you never eat.

Image 2 – Wearing tight fitting clothes looks amazing on women who are curvy. Show off those beautiful curves with a black dress that lies below the knee to accentuate your curves even more. Partner it up with a loose fit bomber jacket that lies just a little below the hip and some bright pumps.

Image 3 – For a more fuller figure, a body fit, solid dress with cutouts is perfect.Just like the picture above, a cut out that pulls together on your body part that’s the most curvy helps accentuate your figure even more. Partner it up with some strappy heels for a very sexy and irresistible look.

Image 4 – Women who are muscular tend to dress more because they don’t want to show their masculinity. No need to be scared ladies! Be proud of what you worked hard for and show off those beautiful honey thighs and muscles. Wear a dressy short to show off your extremely cut thighs with a top and blazer cuffed at the elbow and some nude pumps.

First Date Rules to Abide in Terms of Clothing

One thing to keep in mind when going on your first date is dressing in accordance to the venue or place the date will take place in. You don’t want to dress like you’re going to prom if your date is going to take you on a picnic. Dress comfortably and beautifully so that you can get the most and have the best first date experience.

What_to_Wear_on_the_First_Date_Women's_Guide_3 (1)

Image 1 – A picnic is a beautiful and very easy going first date, but that doesn’t mean you’re outfit should be as easy going. Stray from super light colors when it comes to your bottoms because depending where you’re picnicking – grass, beach, gravel, etc. it may get dirty so wear more pastel or darker colors. You can also dress casual or be a bit more dressy like the picture shown above. By wearing a long maxi or dress, you can sit down more comfortably without having the urge of making sure you’re not showing anything that’s not suppose to be seen.

Image 2 – If you and your date decide to have the first date at a nice bar, dress more dark toned. Most likely, you will go at night, so it may get chilly. Therefore, you can wear tights, skinnies, or long fitted skirts. Pair it up with a long sleeve top and high heels for a sexy night.

Image 3 – For a date at really nice sit down or a five star restaurant, dress more elegant and conservative. You want to show people you have what it takes to dine in with the upperclass. Wear colors that are soft in the eye, but still stunning, like a complete nude and blush ensemble. Stray away from wearing anything that shows too much skin. Most likely people who dine in such high end places are either business class, high end professionals, or people of older age, so most of them will be dressed respectably. You want to dress the same while being at your utmost comfort.

Image 4 – If you find a date that likes to explore and be outdoors, dress the part and have fun! Wear more rugged and casual clothing for such activities to assure comfort and endurance. You can wear jeans or sportswear, hats, utility jackets or parkas and tshirts. Pair that up with your most comfortable boots or shoes in case you guys decide to have an adventure!

The First Date shouldn’t be scary and all the more meeting someone online should be a safe and fun environment! Go out and venture what the world has to offer and don’t forget to dress to impress!