How to Wear Cute Summer Outfits: 37 Astonishing Ideas

Summer is just around the corner! It’s almost time to show off our beach ready bodies and enjoy a lot of sun! The temperature is rising, but your head’s shouldn’t be! It can be a hard task figuring out your Summer clothing due to the heat and not wanting to look good because everything will just melt off, right? There’s still no need to get frustrated ladies!

How to wear cute summer outfits: 37 astonishing ideas

Get your body ready and have fun in the sun by getting the know- how of Summer Fashion from our guideline on How to Wear Cute Summer Outfits: 37 Astonishing Ideas.

Do’s and Dont’s for Summer

Check out these cute summer outfit trends that you can copy now on our what to wear and what Not to wear how – to guideline!

Cute Summer Outfits

  • Image: Go for more brighter clothing like Summer colors such as Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, etc.
  • Image: Wear cute Summer tops such as Crop tops or Off the Shoulder Tops.
  • Image: Find cute Summer inspired clothes such as Beach patterned skirts, Hawaiian shirts, sunflowers, etc.
  • Image: Pair up some cute Summer outfits with White Shorts.
  • Image , Image: Opt to Shift dresses or cute short length Summer dresses.
  • Image: If you’re the type to get chilly quickly, opt for a lightweight material cardigan for the night time.
  • Image: Always pack a Bathing suit, you never know if you get in a sudden mood for the beach. 
  • Image: Lightweight bottoms like slouch pants are perfectly breezy and won’t stick to your skin like thicker jeans would when it get’s hot.  

Cute summer outfits

  • Image: Stay away from Fur during the Summer. It will indeed make you feel like you’re living in Mars.
  • Image, Image: Do not wear jackets or long sleeves, especially leather, because they get easily hot and will stick to your skin as you sweat.
  • Image: Save your thicker pants, like corduroys, because they are too heavy they’re woven pattern will melt your legs away! 
  • Image: Do not wear dark colored clothing, especially an all black outfit, in the Summer because they attract more heat.
  • Image: Sweat suits are meant to be for colder weather. Most of them are made from either fleece or winter like material, therefore, it’s not a good look nor material to opt to if you want to stay cool in the summer.
  • Image: Velvet is another type of fabric that’ll surely make you sweat in the Summer. They are better worn in the fall or winter time. 
  • Image: Mint green, carnation pink, or any type of Spring colors are not what you want to wear over the Summer. It’s hard to differentiate some Spring colors from Summer colors, so to ensure yourself, opt for more brighter colors rather than softer colors. 

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Casual Summer Outfit ideas

Here are some of our favorite Casual summer outfits for your inspiration.

Cute outfits for the summer

  • Image: Pair up a striped oversize tee  and tuck it in some cut off jean shorts for a complete casual summer outfit.
  • Image: Off the shoulder tops are a staple for Summer fashion. Pair up an off the shoulder crop top with some Daisy Duke shorts for the ultimate casual Summer outfit.
  • Image: You can’t beat a blue and white combination when it comes to Summer fashion because it’s marine colors. Grab yourself some white short shorts and a plain blue tee for a laid back Summer outfit.
  • Image: Switch up your Daisy Dukes shorts with a green loose short and a tank for a casual Summer adventure look.

Flirty Summer Outfit Ideas

Here are some Flirty Summer Outfit Ideas and looks you can copy now for the movies, a sexy date or to a night out!

Cute Summer outfits flirty


  • Image: For a super flirty Summer outfit, a short strap lacy dress with a plunging neckline will sure make people’s head turn.
  • Image: Going on a date night, try on the likes of this elegant and sexy floral romper perfect for the Summer.
  • Image: Switch out your dresses with a lacy short and loose baby doll top for a Summer date at the movies.
  • Image: Going for a date night but you don’t want to look too eager during the Summer days? You can wear a super cute loose short and a simple white crop top for a comfortable but still super sexy night out outfit.

Professional Summer Outfit Ideas

Here are some ways you can wear the summer trend professionally to work or to an interview.  

Cute summer outfits work attire


  • Image: Trade up your trousers for chiffon or boho pants for a more breezy and comfortable bottom wear. Tuck in a simple solid colored shirt and you’ll be work ready for Summer.
  • Image: A bright orange colored shift dress is perfect for keeping the Summer trend for work.
  • Image: Pick out Summer colors, like yellow, for your skirt and partner it up with a patterned top for a professional and stylish work outfit.
  • Image: If your job approves, opt for an alternate style and go for bermuda shorts and a plain top for a more chic look for work.

Dressy Summer Outfit Ideas

Here are some Dressy Summer Outfit Ideas you should already own!

Cute Summer Outfit Dressy


  • Image: White is a color that’s super cool to the eyes and skin, it’s no question it’s one of the favorite colors people wear in the Summer. For a classy and dressy Summer outfit, just like the little black dress, find your very own Summer white dress. It’s an outfit you will never regret.
  • Image: Much like Spring outfits, you can also dress up floral in the summer. Just match a floral top with a Summer colored skirt, like forest green, for a beautiful and dressy Sunday outfit.
  • Image: Marine colors, like white and blue,are perfect Summer fashion pieces. Pack a navy blue and white colored dress for your next Summer cruise and dress up for a beautiful Summer getaway.
  • Image: Not much of a dress kind of girl, switch it out with some dressy shorts and a button up shirt.

Cute and Stylish Summer outfits without showing your legs

Cute Summer outfits no legs


  • Image , Image – Ripped Jeans are a perfect alternative if you do not want to show off your legs during the Summer. Pair it up with a plain tshirt or a crop top, and you’ll be Summer ready and comfortable in your own zone and style.
  • Image – White pants are also a great trade because it’s color is cool in the eyes and will not attract heat even if it covers your entire leg.
  • Image – If you don’t want any material sticking strictly to your skin, but you still want to cover your legs, a loose fit pant or Harem pants are a perfect alternative for a cute and stylish Summer outfit.
  • Image – Getting ready for a cruise, pair up a navy blue striped pant with a plain white blouse.
  • Image – A super cute and stylish Summer outfit without showing your legs are boho pants. They are the ultimate chic yet laid back Summer fashion trend. Pair it up with a cute crop top or simply take a body fit shirt and tie it up to your waist to complete your Summer look.

Cute Summer outfits to the Beach

Don’t know what to wear to the beach? Here are some cute summer beach outfits and swimwear you can try now!

Cute Summer Outfits Beach wear


  • Image: A one piece is always a cute summer swimwear if you are not one to show off your belly. A peplum shaped one piece is perfect for those who wants to emphasize their curves.
  • Image: A boho dress is a perfect cover up for the beach. You can dress it up for a beach party or dress it down as a cover up after a nice swim.
  • Image: A romper is also a great cover up to use when going to the beach. It’s a more stylish alternative from a dress and it’s shorter so it’s perfect to show your perfectly tan skin!
  • Image: A two piece is a sexy Beach attire. Show off your toned body and get ready to get tan with this beautiful off the shoulder, blue bikini.
  • Image: A one piece is also perfect to work as a top with jeans! Grab yourself a bright colored one piece and wear some Daisy Dukes shorts for a cute and flirty Summer outfit for the beach.
  • Image: Ready to hit the waves? Suit up with an athletic swim top and fitted swim shorts for an awesome time in the sun!

In Conclusion

Don’t get stressed out because you don’t know what to wear in the Summer! Follow these tips on How to wear Cute Summer Outfits: 37 Astonishing Ideas and have lots of fun in the sun!

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