What to Wear in 70 degree weather: 15+ Cute and Easy Ideas

When the temperature rises and hits the 70’s heat, you can expect to see more people wearing less clothing and more skin. That’s what makes this weather so beautiful! It’s the beginning time that people start to really plan their beach trips and get a lot of fun in the sun!

70 Degree Weather is the perfect time to find really cute and stylish outfits and there are plenty to choose from. But, if you’re still on a whim on What to Wear for 70 Degree Weather, well, let us help you!

What to Wear in 70 degree Weather: 15+ Cute and easy ideas

How to Dress for 70 Degree Weather

Cute Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

70 Degree Weather

  • Image: Crop Tops are always in season during the Spring and Summer seasons! They’re perfect for a 70 degree attire. Pair them up with some jeans if you get chilly or alternate them with some cute shorts for the hugher 70’s heat!

Casual Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

70 degree weather

  • Image: For the 70’s – 80’s temperature, wear shorts and a good ol’ tee with your favorite rock band or brand! There’s nothing anymore casual than distressed daisy dukes and a a t shirt.

Sexy Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

70 degree weather

  • Image: Dress up for a sexy date night with a tight hugging outfit! It’s perfect for showing off your beautiful curves without actually showing a lot of skin. An over the knee skirt and a crop top is sure to make hearts flutter.

Sporty Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

70 degree weather

  • Image: 70 degrees is the perfect time to do outdoor activities and exercise. So why keep yourself stuck at the gym when you can be out and about while being stylis with your outfit. Work out leggings and joggers are perfect for this kind of heat. Pair it up with a crop top athletic sweater or alternate it with athletic shorts and loose tank.

Work/ Professional Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

70 degree weather


  • Image:  A nice button up shirt and a pencil cut skirt is perfect to wear to work in this weather. It gives you a chance to be professional and chic at the same time. Wearing lighter fabric will give you the tolerance and coverage you need in case it’s hot outside and it gets cold in the office. Pack an extra cardigan or blazer in case your boss decides to up the AC.

School Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

70 degree weather

  • Image: School can be a little too strict when the weather starts to rise up. To keep you on the safe side, distressed jeans and your favorite school shirts or sweaters are always a great alternative for a school outfit in 70 degree weather.

What to Wear in 70 Degree Weather in Different Places

What to Wear for 70 degree Weather in California

Layers is key to beat the Cali weather, especially during 70 degree weather. Layer up your outfit whenever you feel like traveling to Francisco or to LA. By layering, you can peel off your clothing during the days and stack up during the night as the temperature gets cooler.

California 70 degree

  • Image: California calls for oversize shirt dresses or shift dresses. Pair it up with your favorite denim jacket, parka, or utility jacket.
  • Image: Coachella is big in Cali and there’s no reason why you should only dress during the actual event. Dress like you’re going to Coachella  any time by pairing up some distressed short, tucked in printed tee, and a majestic and colorful kimono or cardi.

What to Wear for 70 degree Weather in Florida

For a place that’s usually warm year round, 70’s may be a bit chilly for Floridians. Therefore, instead of wearing your typical beach wear or summer wear, opt for more cover.

Florida 70 degree

  • Image: A Nice shirt or blouse and loose pants are a perfect pair.  It covers enough but still shows a little bit of skin to feel the beauty of the sunshine state.
  • Image:A knitted short skirt of dress is a great alternative . It’s thick but it’s length gives you room to get your legs tanned! Carry a jean jacket or lightweight cardigan in case it get more cooler throughout the day.

What to Wear for 70 degree Weather in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Sin City, the city of gambling, weddings, drinks, parties, and endless fun. To some people they say, dress naked when you go to Vegas, but for those of you who actually wear clothes, then here are some tips for 70 degree weather, Vegas bound!

Las Vegas 70 egree

  • Image: A tight over the knee white dress and leather is a great night out outfit! you can strip the jacket off during the day and rock it out throughout the night.
  • Image:  Another great outfit but still very Vegas appropriate is a loose top or srop top tank/ blouse paired with a mini shiny skirt. add a boyfriend cut blazer for more versatility.

What to Wear for 70 degree Weather in NY

New York is known to be really cold year round. It’s very seldom you will get a really hot weather, so it’s no shocker that 70 degrees is pretty warm for northern people. It’s still pretty chilly, depending on the day it may be windy, but it’s still warmer than the normal.

New York 70 degree

  • Image: A crop long sleeve and fitted ankle jeans is a great match for New York fashion wear!
  • Image: High waisted jeans and crop tee with an oversized jacket is another great option for a fashionable New York style outfit for 70 degree weather.

What to Wear for 70 Degree Weather and Rain

Rain 70 degree

  • Image: A yellow raincoat is the perfect color for 70 degree weather. It’s a great reminder of Spring and Summer although it’s raining! Pair it up with your favorite hunter boots to keep yourself dry.
  • Image: Got a date? Don’t let the rain stop you! You can rock out a cute Spring/Summer dress with a cardigan and tall rain boots.
  • Image: A great alternative to rain boots are duck boots. They’re comfortable and more stylish if you don’t want all that rubber! Pair it up with some denims and plaid for a perfect 70 degree weather outfit in the rain.