Ways to Unboring Your T-Shirt

ways to unboring your shirt 11Isn’t it just tragic that no matter how expensive a shirt you’re going to wear, it’s still going to look plain and boring? It’s all just in the matter of styling it. Doesn’t look like a high school girl wearing the usual shirt and shorts – here are very stylish outfit ideas to unbore a shirt.


ways to unboring your shirt 1If you pair it with leather shorts, it’s going to be a good upgrade to the usual tee+shorts combo. Just add in a cool vest and some boots for an edgy-looking outfit.


ways to unboring your shirt 2If the shirt is too baggy, you can always tuck it into the jeans you’re wearing. Try a dark ensemble with black top, dark denim and a chic floppy hat for a dressy-casual look. Instead of the usual sneakers or boots, amp up your footwear with cool peep-toe boots.


ways to unboring your shirt 3Layer your shirt with a bright blazer for a professional-looking look and by pairing them with a cute denim skirt for a look that’s a mix of smart and casual.


ways to unboring your shirt 4When in doubt, culottes are your best friends. Just make sure your tee isn’t too loose since your pants are already baggy. If so, just tuck it in then you’re good to go.


ways to unboring your shirt 5Achieve a girly look with your tee, a cute printed skirt, a long cardigan and silver shoes for that extra pop of shine.


ways to unboring your shirt 6Layer it over a stylish denim romper. Complete the look with strappy platform peep-toes for a laidback weekend look.


ways to unboring your shirt 7An all-black outfit but then adding in a bright blue outerwear for that much-needed pop of color on a cold sunny day.


ways to unboring your shirt 8Try the Carrie Bradshaw look – remember what she wore to Dubai when they went to the flea market? Sport that look, literally, with an athletic or sporty shirt then tucking it in a tricot shirt.


ways to unboring your shirt 9Don’t underestimate scarves. They can always transform any boring look into something more stylish. Invest in quality scarves then if you feel like you’re outfit needs a little bit of a help, just choose among your wide array of scarves, wrap it around your neck, then you’re good.


ways to unboring your shirt 10How about gray skinny pants? Wear your tee with that, a black blazer, platform heels and a cool black hat.