Vintage Fashion for Women: Head to Toe

It’s very rare you’ll see women in our generation wearing a lot of coverage. Nowadays, people dress less because they feel that that’s the trend. The world revolves around change, and back then those who wore more were considered very reserved or conservative, and now the less you wear the better it is on the eyes of others. But, why is it that Vintage Fashion is making a comeback? Vintage fashion is a trend that people have been reliving in the 21st century. It’s a beautiful era to rekindle. Vintage fashion doesn’t mean you’re shy or you can’t move on from the past. It simply means bringing the old to the new! So, how exactly is Vintage Fashion making it’s comeback in our generation now? Well, keep on reading and let us show you what makes Vintage Fashion so trendy in the 21st century!

Vintage Tops

Vintage is all about lace and bows. There’s nothing more feminine and elegant than the Victorian Vintage style. Women back in the days base their clothing by social status and back then women who wore lace, silk, big bows, ruffles, etc. were considered of high standard. So, how can women in our generation pull off such beautiful elements of the older generation?

Women's Vintage fashion

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Lace means elegance with a pinch of seduction. Women who wears lace shows true femininity and care. The material itself is amazingly sensitive that if worn ruggedly may result to complete catastrophe. Lace Blouses are real Vintage Fashion and can be worn in so many different ways. Pair a beautiful pastel colored lace with a carnation colored bottom for a more feminine outfit or a plain white lace blouse with black bottoms for a more classic and chic look.

women's vintage fashion

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Another great Victorian Vintage Style that women love to wear now are ruffled blouses or bows. Back then, the more ruffles you have on your dresses, the more money you put into your outfit. Show off your classiness without much accessories by opting for a ruffled up turtleneck blouse paired up with white bottoms and a big statement ring for a complete modern, vintage fit! Another great option is a simple pearl colored blouse with a bow matched with a cuffed up trench coat and a beautiful pastel colored maxi. These statement vintage tops are sure to take everyone back to the good ‘ol days!

Vintage Bottoms

Midi Pleated Skirts and over the knee skirts definitely brings back memories of the past generations. It shows elegance and respect. Women who can pull off such vintage look will definitely outshine one who wears less or shorter clothing. A woman who can carry out a vintage inspired skirt or dress is definitely one to look up to because who doesn’t love a woman who can strut her stuff without showing off too much skin!

vintage fashion for women


This specific look is one of my personal favorites. A Grey Pleated Midi skirt can be dull and boring if not worn correctly but partner it up with a black lace button up and a red purse for a pop of color to match a red lippie and you’re sure to look like a classy woman ready to meet the president!

vintage fashion for women

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Talk about channeling your inner vintage! A beautiful over the knee length black lace skirt can be too much and people might mistake it for a curtain or a table cloth. But, match it with a simple blush or nude colored lace top, a big bow belt and a cute clutch, and you’re set for a very elegant and beautiful date night. Another way to channel your inner vintage self is the all time favorite polka dots! You can’t go wrong with a polka dotted midi skirt to bring back the old! Make it modern by wearing a black crop top and your favorite over the shoulder bag.

vintage fashion for women

A beautiful way to flaunt out another vintage inspired midi is finding one that resembles a place or a season. Just like this gorgeous pleated midi skirt that portrays a beach house and palm trees. Nothing can be better than having the perfect sunny weather and wearing something that reminds you of the ocean anywhere you go! Partner this bright attire with a dark solid button up to perfectly accentuate your beach ready body!

Vintage Shoes

With so many different styles of shoes to choose from and so many generations that have passed, it’s not easy to find the perfect vintage shoe to finish your wardrobe! Rest assured because we’ve got your toes covered!

Vintage fashion for women


Mary Jane shoes are a crowd favorite when it comes to Vintage fashion. As the generations continue to change and grow, Mary Jane inspired shoes is a style that never changes but only enhances its beauty! Take a look at this beautiful maroon Mary Jane inspired heel. It’s a great shoe to wear to add more spice to any outfit such as this plain white polka dot dress. Talk about when simplicity meets edgy!

vintage fashion for women

Oxford Shoes may seem very masculine and hard to pull off for some women, but it’s still a must if you are channeling out a vintage inspired look. Match a deep brown flat Oxford with a bright ballerina inspired skirt, plaid shirt and dark solid coat for a super comfortable and very feminine attire. You can also target a more chic and edgy look by pairing a high heel Oxford shoe with cuffed up denim jeans, plaid shirt and blazer.

Channeling a more Vintage look is not hard if you’ve got the right guidance! Vintage is everywhere, even now while we live in the 21st century, it doesn’t take much to bring back the looks that started it all! By following these Vintage Fashion tips for women, you will definitely be worry free with your outfit from head to toe!