Vegas Night Outs Tips and Outfit Ideas

Entertainment in Las Vegas is out of this world, with a lot of things you can do and see. Talking about establishments alone, there are so many you can choose from.

Popular night clubs in Vegas are Marquee, Hyde, XS, TAO, Hakkasan, etc. these are some of the right places to go to when you’re in Las Vegas. You’ll seriously have a lot of fun with full access to steamy parties and sight-seeing some celebrities as well. With a variety of club access and options in Sin City, you’ll surely get the experience you deserve.

Here we have a wide range of outfit ideas that you can wear to the party scene in this massive city and some do’s and don’ts to have the time of your life.

vegas outfit ideas 1

Dress codes are often enforced on nightclubs and lounges. It’s pretty humiliating to wait in line for a couple of hours (or minutes) then get turned away because of not dressing up to the scene.

vegas outfit ideas 2

Nightclubs in Vegas are probably one of the best clubs in the world. So why not wear something very special? Leave your tank tops, flip flops, turtlenecks somewhere else.  You want to look sexy, flirty and fun.

vegas outfit ideas 3

High heels are mandatory! All night clubs in Vegas requires you to wear high heels. It’s not very safe for you to wear sandals in night clubs, especially those in Vegas. Your feet will be murdered.

vegas outfit ideas 4

You can carry a rolled up flats in your clutch for when you’re done and about to head back to the hotel. Don’t be one of those girls who walk around the hotel and casino barefoot.

vegas outfit ideas 6

We highly suggest you don’t bring a purse at night clubs. How about a small clutch instead? You don’t need all that baggage with you. All you need to bring is your ID, some credit and maybe some lipstick and blotting paper. Sometimes, you can even carry those inside your bra.

vegas outfit ideas 7

In Vegas, less is more. So think about that when you decide to pack a hundred of different accessories when going on this trip. Remember that “a lot” is so annoying.

vegas outfit ideas 8

Maxi dresses to the club? You really want that? If you like to drag the dress along the floors of the club and sweat like crazy because it’s extremely hot inside the club, then by all means, go ahead.  The temperature from April to September will reach about 120 degrees.

vegas outfit ideas 10

Most girls at hot clubs dress to impress. They show a lot of skin and wear skimpy and chic clothes. If you’re up for that, go ahead. But there’s a fine line between looking like a hooker and looking like a sex goddess.

vegas outfit ideas 5

If you go to Vegas, it’s important that you look the part. Maybe one of the essentials is a black cocktail dress. Not only can you wear it to a nightclub, but also one where you can wear to a fancy high dollar celebrity restaurant.

vegas outfit ideas 11

Nowhere in the world have nightclubs with class, elegance and luxury the Sin City does. If you can reserve a table in one of the busiest nights, like on a Friday or Saturday night, in big clubs like Marquee or Surrender, you’ll surely never want to party in your city ever again.

vegas outfit ideas 9

If you’re going to dine in fine restaurants, think of a “business casual” dress, while if you’re going to a daytime show, you can dress up completely casual.