Up Your Shade Game This Summer with Our Top Picks

top sunnies for summer 2015 11

You can never have too many sunglasses in your summer wardrobe. Some of us can’t really splurge on a lot of sunnies. However, in order to save time, money and effort, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite frames which you can actually by right now. Get them now or it may be too late.

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Wouldn’t it be cool to get one of these? The color certainly pop and you can see how vibrant they are on your screens – what more if you see it in person? This could actually make your plain outfit pop.

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If you’re a firm believer that you can rock round-framed sunglasses, then get this black circle with yellow mirror sunglasses for your everyday stylish eye protection.

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Forget about the plain wayfarers. These retro-inspired flora printed frame is great for any occasion. It’s super girly and will go whatever outfit you wear for the day.

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Crackle sunnies that is pretty versatile and fun for your cheery personality. It also features a sort of cat-eye frame but not too much. It’s only $9.99. You gotta have this.


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Who doesn’t like a vintage round sunglasses? It comes in black with metal frames, tinted lenses, silicon nose pads and slim arms for a secure fit. Wear this with a classy daytime dress and strappy sandals.

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While you’re at it, it’s also nice to wear statement pieces like this hipster mod girl sunglasses. Now everybody who meets you will have to read the words engraved in your sunglasses. Also, it’s not a common one.

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Cat eye sunglasses are the classics. It flatters most face shape and it’s just clean and simple. It’s one of our favorites because it kind of slims your face since the frame elongate to the side.

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Well, isn’t this just adorable? It’s super chic and classy with the lace frame going on. Minimalist and pretty easy to wear, we reckon.

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We need a burnt-orange retro shades in our lives to cave to the hipster vibe we’ve been all wanting to try. This would look perfect at the beach when you’re sunbathing or just chilling poolside.

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A retro blue owl cat-eye aviator for those who are bored of the regular-looking sunglasses.