Between A Man And His Suit (A Couple Of Underwear Insights)


2015 Underwear Insights

There are more than two types of underwear because there are more than two types of men. We don’t all fit into saggy, stretched out stereotypes, it’s time to confront the uncomfortable truth.

Question: What factor has the strongest influence over your underwear choice?

Comfort: 45%

Habit: 25%

Look: 17%

Statistic: 59% of men aren’t satisfied with their underwear.

Lingerie gets all the attention in the underwear world, but it’s time to start thinking about the uncomfortable truth of men’s underwear.

Question: What is your favorite underwear style?

55% answered “boxer brief.”

Question: Why do you wear your favorite style of underwear?

73% answered “it’s comfortable.”

Boxer briefs are kind of a win-win – guys like them for their support, while women like them because they look good.

Question: When do you wear your “best pair” of underwear?

51% said “whenever they are clean.”

30% said “when I have a hot date.”

Question: What type of underwear do women like best on men?

45% said “boxer briefs.”

40% said “boxers.”

11% said “low-rise styles.”

4% said “briefs.”

Question: Do you manscape?

83% said yes.

10% said no.

To manscape or not, is a pretty personal decision, but one thing is certain, proper maintenance is mandatory. Once you start, keep a regular grooming routine.

Personal style comes from a deeper level and shows the world your self confidence and personality without even having to say anything. If I’m wearing underwear that is uncomfortable, even though no one else can see it, I never feel my best. The discomfort distracts you from whatever else you’ve got on your plate that day.

Source: Tommy John