The Ultimate Neckline Fashion Vocabulary for Girls and Women

ultimate neckline fashion vocabulary for girls and women

The Ultimate Neckline Fashion Vocabulary

Have you always wondered what kind of neckline that person is wearing? Maybe it looked extremely exotic, like nothing you’ve ever seen before, or maybe it looked familiar and you wanted to know the name of it but couldn’t quite figure out the name.

Well look no further! Here are 18 different necklines that girls and women wear.

1. Sweetheart

Mostly used in dresses without straps, it’s formed by two curves recalling a heart shape.

2. Scoop

U-formed neckline that can be more or less plunging. (Plunging means dropped down low.)

3. Straight Across

Typical in the strapless dresses, it’s a straight neckline above the breast.

4. V-Neck

A common neckline, it forms a triangle and drops to the breast; can be plunging or low.

5. Off-Shoulder

The straps drop laterally on the arms in a more or less soft way.

6. Bateau

A wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone.

7. Jewel

A plain rounded neckline just above the collarbone. The name is referred to the ability this neckline has to allow the view of necklaces or pendants.

8. Square

Neckline with linear side edges forming two 90 degree rounded corners. If the corners are perfectly rights, it’s called “court”.

9. Halter

A neckline formed by the dress straps that get linked behind the neck.

10. High neck

A neckline that covers partially the neck and totally the breast.

11. Sabrina

Similar to the bateau, it goes to one shoulder to the other with a straight line that passes above the clavicles, leaving part of the shoulders bare.

12. Spaghetti Strap

A neckline that leaves the shoulders bare and has two very thin straps reminding the *spaghetti*.

13. Halter Strap

It features a V-neck or sweetheart front neckline with straps which wrap around and connect at the nape of the neck.

14. Asymmetric

Also known as “cleavage diana” or “shoulder”. Presents the bodice with a single shoulder strap and a diagonal cut.

15. Queen Anne

It has a collar getting up in the back of the neck and a V-neckline of varying depth. The shoulders are covered.

16. Illusion

It uses two different fabrics to create an optical illusion. The covering bodice ends with a cut right or heart shaped above the breast, which is joined by a transparent fabric or lace to cover the sternum to the neck.

17. Grecian

The “greek” neckline is characterized by a piece of fabric which, starting from the center of the breast, opens to surround the neck.

18. Cowl

This neckline has the neck draped that falls softly on the chest.