TV and Movie Inspired Costume Ideas for Halloween

There are a lot of cliché costume ideas that everybody practically uses each year. There are some lazy costume ideas and sexy costume ideas  and let’s face it, it’s getting a bit boring.

Crafting a special Halloween costume can be gratifying but if you’re still having a hard time looking for a get up this Halloween, we have a bunch of TV and movie inspired costume ideas for you.


Princess Bubblegum TV and Movie Inspired Costume – Adventure Time

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1Turn yourself into this pretty princess of the Candy Kingdom wearing this lovely Princess Bubblegum, one of the most unique TV and movie costume ideas for Halloween.


Harley Quinn Costume for Women Adults

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1“Oh hey, puddin’!” Be pretty crazy enough to fall in love with a psycho criminal like the Joker. Harley Quinn is the craziest, right-hand woman of the Joker and you can become a member of the Suicide Squad for Halloween and your next themed party.


Miss Scissorhands Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1When there’s Edward Scissorhands, there’s also a gentle woman with hands of steel. Don this gothic character in a feminine manner as Miss Scissorhands. Complete your look with makeup similar to Edward’s.


Addams Family Wednesday Costume

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. We all heard the song and we have all watched the show. Wednesday Addams is everybody’s favorite character because they can all relate to her. Transform yourself into this Wednesday TV and movie character costume idea which also works for a lot of themes like a witch.


The Simpsons Marge Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1Marge is one of the most loved characters of The Simpsons. She puts up with Homer and continues to look awesome at the same time. Transform yourself this Halloween into everyone’s favorite TV mom. Don’t forget to rock the blue hair as this is the main accessory.


Sally Skellington Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1Everybody who watched “Nightmare Before Christmas” knows who exactly this blue fabric-skinned girl is. Sally is a winner in our books and what better way to look complete if you have a guy friend to sport the Jack getup with you as well? This is perfect for party themes.


Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1Take your place as the ruler of Wonderland. This costume gives an added twist to the Queen of Hearts costume from Alice in Wonderland. Who knew that she wasn’t a nice queen at all? Play the horrible Queen at your next Halloween or Disney-themed parties.


Leonardo Bodysuit Adult Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1Become the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in this form-fitting and dangerous gear. Are you ready to get into an epic battle to bring down the enemies? This TMNT TV and movie dress up idea is just the one for you.


Betty Rubble Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1One of the best characters from the cartoon shows The Flintstones. While she didn’t get that much limelight like the other characters, don this legendary Betty Rubble to pay tribute to this beautiful cavewoman. Go with a pal to double the impact.


Queen Amidala Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1It’s not all about the tea and crumpets when it comes to being the Queen, specifically the Queen of Naboo. Dodge assassination attempts on your life by negotiating peace. Become an ally of the Jedi and an enemy of the Sith.


Grease Bad Sandy Adult Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1They said bad girls get all the fun. Ditch the cheer leading uniform and dress in this sassy all-black Sandy ensemble. Don’t forget to add Sandy details like her curly hair and bold red lips.


Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume

top-tv-movie-costumes-for-women-1Fighting villains isn’t for everyone. With this Wonder Woman costume, know-how and courage, you’ll be ready to become of DC’s greatest heroine of all time. If you’re feeling tough, then maybe you can start your own Justice League.

Which one of these iconic TV and movie inspired costume ideas are you wearing this Halloween or for other themed costume parties you’re attending in the future?


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