Tunic Outfit Ideas this Fall

tunic 9The tunic remains to be one of the most versatile pieces around. It’s a very popular summer staple that even after the sunny season, you can still wear tunic come fall and winter. Transcend your favorite tunic with these stylish tips on how to wear a tunic for this season.


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The tunic can be worn alone – but for the cold weather, you definitely need something to cover your legs so you wouldn’t freeze. One easy way to pair yours is with leggings, either in black or brown.


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Also, if you want a little pop of color for dull days or for an extremely plain tunic, you can also wear leggings with vibrant hues.


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Another chic alternative to pairing your tunic with are denim jeans. They will easily keep you warm and super stylish. You can wear it either with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans.


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Maybe you would like to wear it in a feminine way. Easily wear it with a skirt. It’s a tricky trend but most women can easily pull it off. Just make sure that your skirt is made of a thick material, keeping your very warm while you rock the outfit on the streets.


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Wear your tunic like a pro by channeling the sophisticated and classy look. It’s pretty simple, actually. All you need to do is layer your tunic over a dress, whether it’s a slip dress or something you don’t wear normally.


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When your tunic is over-the-knee, you can always skip jeans and leggings. This would totally look great on women who live in warm cities because they don’t have to feel the coldness.


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And if you’re a woman who lives in a cold city, you can still skip the bottoms by wearing thigh-high boots or knee-high boots just for that extra warmth.