Trusted Preppy Brands for Men

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Check out our list of “right brands” for the “right clothes”. You’re not preppy enough if you don’t have some items from these trusted preppy brands.

preppy brands 1Ralph Lauren is the master of preppy. It all started with their Polo Shirt which is approximately $85 USD each. Not only their polo shirts are popular but also their ski parkas, suits, shirts and a bunch of other preppy essentials that you must have in your closet.

preppy brands 2Vineyard Vines was founded in 1998 and they are proclaimed the second best preppy store because of their printed critter tie. They also have a ton of casual-styled springtime outfits for men. Since then, they’ve expanded their range to preppy women as well. From rainbow neck ties to stuff in baby seal prints, they’ve got it all.

preppy brands 3The Brooks Brothers is one of the oldest preppy stores to ever survive. They became famous after their Oxford cotton button-down shirt were worn by the cast of the movie Gatsby, but also the author of the book himself, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Also ex-president of the US JFK wore a couple of Brooks Brothers. Their company was founded in 1818.

preppy brands 4You’re not preppy enough if you don’t have boat shoes. Sperry is the biggest supplier of boat shoes ever. It’s the ultimate preppy must-have. It will guarantee you a spot at any school with men and women hockey squads. Well, who doesn’t want that?

preppy brands 5J. Press was founded in 1902 at Yale after their knit wears were practically in demand for Ivy-league schools. Their famous piece of clothing is the shaggy dog sweater and it costs around $230 USD.

preppy brands 6Smathers & Branson’s claim to preppy fame is their needlepoint belt which retails for $165 USD. They have custom pants-holder-uppers that will give you a sloppy evidence of prep youth.

preppy brands 7Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1982 and was often ignored but now their outfits are clawing its way back to schools. Their rugby shirt helped them become one of the most trusted preppy brands in the world.

preppy brands 8Lacoste is a favorite amongst tennis and lacrosse players. The croc polo has been in this world for more than three decades. What are preppy people’s favorite sports? A little bit of tennis and a little bit of lacrosse, and a little bit of more.

preppy brands 9If you want to find the perfect chinos, head to J.Crew now. Their missing 1 and a half inch of chinos is the ultimate exposure for “missing socks”. And if you don’t quite get it, preppy men aren’t really a fan of socks.

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You certainly need a good pair of boots if you head to ski trips and countryside trips that require a lot of walking, you’re going to need L.L. Bean’s bean boots. They make their boots by hand with handcrafted stitching and detailing. These boots are super special because of their waterproof protection of rubber combined with the comfort of leather that will shed rain and snow.