Trendy Green Pieces to Add to Your Outfit Right Now

olive green men 10Not-so-new but trendy color for fall and winter this year is green. Whether it’s light, iridescent or emerald, the flexible color is every man’s go-to especially if you’re a fashion cognoscenti.

Incorporate green into your daily ensemble with these items to strike your liking this fall.


olive green men 1Suit
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For the fashion-forward men, why not go with a dark green suit like this one? Green was all over the Hardy Amies F/W 15 fashion show.


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Or maybe you would like this olive green suit instead? It’s definitely great for casual and business wear.


olive green men 3Peacoat
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An olive green is suitable for both outdoor expeditions and spontaneous gatherings.


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The thick, button-down coat will look great with khaki trousers, light blue collared shirt and a navy sweater vest. The perfect smart casual look for work.


olive green men 5Blazer
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This two-button sport coat blazer will look great for casual Fridays and for other events that doesn’t require dressing up so much.


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This stylish blazer will pair well with a deep green V-neck sweater with jeans and your favorite work monks.


olive green men 7Trousers
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Want to sport a more statement-making ensemble? Try pairing your olive green coat with olive green pants. Green trousers were all over the F/W 15 runways.


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Go for a loose-fit pair if you want to wear it as a casual outfit.