Trendy Activewear Pieces

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When you always feel lazy to keep your body healthy, you need the right motivation to go ahead and keep going. With these trendy and fashionable activewear pieces, you’re surely going to head to the road to physically fit in no time. Do it for yourself and not for others. When you see gym buffs ogling you, let them. That only means you’re beautiful and interesting that they’ve caught your attention.

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Who needs a boring sports bra when you have this sexy one from Bia Brazil? We’re pretty sure you’re going to be motivated to go to the gym with this ladder back bra top. .

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Activewear shouldn’t be boring. That’s why we think this chic color-block romper is perfect for whatever fitness activity you have planned for the day.

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All eyes will be on you when you wear this wild print blue tie die spandex tights. It’s perfect for cycling and running. If you wear something as bold as this, you’ll become physically fit in no time.

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Some women are more comfortable with wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to choose something boring. Why not get your hands on this fashion-forward multi-print one piece swimsuit? We totally love the contrasting straps and band, it’s the perfect swimsuit to become the fitness junkie that you are and fashionable at the same time. .

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Here’s a fancy bike jersey with the Eiffel Tower on it. Hide your boring jerseys in the closet and get yourself a load of these fun print and fun-themed tops.

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Here’s an 80s inspired double bra that will keep you cool, dry and cute at the same time. It offers support and will give you that extra pop of style into your gym look. .

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This is a cute pink yoga shorts by Juicy Couture which features a slim, sexy and ultra comfortable stylish piece. It will ensure you that you’ll never have to worry about ripped bottoms as you do your sun salutations. .

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This raspberry pullover is the perfect pop of color that will instantly brighten any activewear wardrobe. It’s super girly and this will absolutely suit you. .

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OMG isn’t this the cutest and hottest yoga slash dancewear slash Pilates slash workout wear slash fitness wear slash barre slash activewear leggings you have ever seen? It’s the perfect pair if you want to look fresh, fun and enjoying what you do. .

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Never stop moving in this stylish performance leggings with neon kaleidoscope print stripe around the bag and down the legs. You can easily wear this with whatever top you wish to wear for your daily grind.