Trendy 90s Shoes You Can Still Wear Today

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It feels like we’re reliving the 90s again with all of these 90s trend around us – makeup, accessories and most importantly, shoes. Shoes from the 90s are actually the bomb. From the popular brands to the celebrity fashion icons, that decade doesn’t know what “boring” means at all.

We’ve dug deep into he most trendy footwear every teen wore during the 90s and we have some 90s-inspired shoes made by trendy brands to help you be more in style.

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We should thank the Spice Girls for introducing the world to platform shoes. They were sky-high and was easily worn whether you’re going for a casual look or a dressy look.


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Chunky heels we a so-so back in the day. Some thinks they aren’t so bad while some thinks it’s just plain ugly. But guess what, it is making a huge come back. 90s was generally chunky, heavy, square-toed, and casual and mostly black. But let’s give our style a twist by going for other colors as well.


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They weren’t the most stylish back then, but hey, they were comfortable. Sliders were the flip-flops back then.


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Jellies back then and now didn’t change much. It’s still the same. But we’re not a fan of those jelly sandals. If you’re like us and not a fan of those caged jelly sandals, this is a great alternative to still be in style with jelly – slide-on jellies.


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When it came to sneakers, the go-to brand was definitely Sketchers. They were so colorful and dazzling back then that some of their shoes are sparkling. Best part is that they came in so many colors so there was definitely a ton to choose from. But it’s not only Sketchers who makes eye-catching sneakers these days. Cheap to expensive, plain to colorful, you’ll still find something that will work for you.


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They only used to make it in black back then and was already unisex. Luckily, they’ve added pink and other colors to this super comfortable slip-ons. It’s like having your feet massaged as you walk around.


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Mary Janes with chunky heels was all thanks to Cher from the movie, Clueless.


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Girls back then were grunge to the max and they achieved they were 100% grunge-looking because of their chokers, dark ensemble and of course, the famous, Dr. Martens combat boots. Until now, these are still the preferred combat boots of many.