Top Swimwear Items You Should Have

The beach is a great place to relax, have some fun, and get that tan. Women can show off their style too. There are plenty of options. Here are the must-have items for the beach.



Louis Reard, a French engineer, wanted to create an outfit that was “smaller than the world’s smallest swimsuit” and ended up designing the bikini in 1946. This two-piece wonder is named after the Bikini Atoll, a former nuclear test site, since Reard expected it to create a bang when it arrived on the scene. His wish came true.

There are many kinds of bikinis you can choose from based on your preference and body type. Try one from Victoria’s Secret if you need a little boost, as they increase the bust line by two sizes. Try Betsey Johnson bikinis with their colorful prints and funky designs if you want a little fun.

One-Piece Swimsuit

one-piece swimsuit

Not all women want to wear bikinis. One-piece swimsuits are perfect for those who want to hide bulges or enjoy water activities without wardrobe malfunction. These swimsuits cover more skin, thus protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

One-piece suits are not as boring as before. There are plenty of fun options.

Sun Hat

sun hat

Long exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer and premature aging. UV rays makes the skin wrinkled. There can be fine lines, tear, and even bruises. It can also cause skin discoloration. Sunscreen does help, but it still exposes the skin. A wide brim sun hat gives added protection. It also shields your eyes from the sun.



You should wear a sunglass at the beach not just for looking cool, but also to protect your eyes. In fact, the American Optometric Association recommends wearing sunglasses everywhere outside during day. A sunglass will block the UV rays that can cause cataracts, and protects the eyes from the solar spectrum’s blue light, which causes macular degeneration. Choose one with UV protective coating or polycarbonate lenses.

Beach Towel

beach towel

Carry a beach towel. You can use them as a blanket on the beach or for drying once you get off the water. You can use the towel as a pillow too for relaxing on a lounge chair.



A sarong is a large, body-sized cloth used by both men and women in Asia for a variety of purposes. In the West, however, a sarong usually refers to a piece of thin cloth wrapped around the hips as a skirt or a dress for the beach. Some types of sarongs may also feature ties or snaps to allow the wearer to fasten them properly.

Sarongs come in all sizes and colors. It is perfect for lounging on the sand or sitting by the pool.



This is a type of sandal that features a v-shaped strap at the top that the wearer slips between the big toe and second toe. These sandals are perfect for the beach, but some people wear them for trips to the mall or a casual day out. Flip-flops are made with all kinds of materials, but for the beach, use one made of rubber. They are durable and water-resistant. Carry one that is comfortable and stylish.



A cover-up is a lightweight shirt or dress you wear over a swimsuit. It gives you added protection from the sun and cold.