Top Nadine Lustre Outfits You Need to Copy Right Now

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Nadine Lustre’s Instagram feed is what every girl’s goal – not only that, but her life is so close to perfect. Apart from having James Reid as her cutie boyfriend, the Filipina actress also has an outstanding style that makes her look so naturally stylish and trendy. She can rock a bralette and slip dresses without looking too overdone.

Looking for a fashion inspiration? You better check these top Nadine Lustre outfits that you should definitely copy now.


Blush gown with side slit and gladiator high heels

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Word on the street is that she sketched and designed this stunning blush pink gown that gives her a totally girly vibe. Then she balanced it off with gladiator high heels for a tomboy vibe. While we see Nadine as a girly-girl, her fashion sense mostly consist of rocking edgy pieces. This is definitely one of the top Nadine Lustre on our favorites.


Knitted maxi dress and white sneakers

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Nadine loves her sneakers. On her casual days, she swaps high heels for comfortable white sneakers. She enjoys wearing basic pieces like this knit gray high slit maxi dress that looks super cozy.


Little black dress, black fur jacket, knee-high socks and Lita boots

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Nadine wore this lovely getup when she was in Seoul earlier this year. Though it’s an all-black outfit, the black fur jacket and Lita boots really completed her entire outfit.


Black shift dress and thigh-high gladiator high heels

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What to wear with a simple black dress? Statement shoes, of course. Nadine likes pairing simple pieces with attention-grabbing pieces, a tip every girl should do with their outfits as well.


Rib cage top, maxi dress and brown leather lace-up boots

What better way to style a two-piece ensemble like this rib cage top and maxi skirt than by pairing it with an unusual footwear choice of brown leather boots. If Nadine can rock this outlandish outfit, then so can you.


Floral bikini top and denim overall

Heading to the beach? Instead of wearing the usual bikini top and denim shorts, why not try out another type of denim piece – a denim overall, perhaps? Wear it just like Nadine, with the other unstrapped. Complete your look with a floppy hat.


Coat, button down top and black shorts

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Not sure how to style your plain button down top? You can still sport a dressy-casual outfit like Nadine’s by pairing yours with cute shorts and a coat. Finish off the look with cute sandals, ankle boots or your favorite minimalist sneakers.


Pink embroidered dress and nude stilettos

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No, Nadine Lustre doesn’t take a bath with a beautiful dress like this. This is one of the many outfits where she just lets loose of her femininity. Quick tip: Wearing nude stilettos will instantly make you look taller.


Matching two-piece and chunky high heel sandals

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Nadine gets inspiration from Tumblr users and fellow Instagram-famous celebrities because we have seen this ensemble before. So if you want to broaden your fashion style, you should check out Instagram fashion celebrities’ pages.


Crop top, plaid shirt and jeans

This Nadine Lustre outfit is perfect for music festivals, road trips or any casual day you’re going to be spending. It’s comfy, stylish and a perfect style to any outdoor happening. Wear a beanie or a cap to top off your look.


Cropped top, printed skirt and flat sandals

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When in doubt of what to wear with your printed skirt, you just wear it with a bold- or solid-colored top to make the skirt stand out. Wear it with high heels or flat sandals just like how Nadine styled this outfit.

Nadine Lustre is definitely one you should watch out for. Many girls are dying to have her style and by looking at her Instagram feed will make you become one stylish girl as well.


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