Top Must Have Shoes for Winter (men)


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As the days go colder, it’s not just time for jackets and scarves to keep us warm. Your footwear could also use the update. Wear these shoe picks as well as checking out our post on proper layering your outfits for the season to achieve your best winter style this year.

Here’s a list to prepare yourself, especially your feet, by checking out our Top must have shoes for winter for men.


Hiking boots

top-must-have-winter-shoes-1Whether you’re using these for hiking or not, hiking boots have established themselves as an extreme-weather footwear essential for the last couple of years. Choose a pair of hiking boots that offers comfort and ankle support with cushioned foot beds and full-leather linings. Pair this top must have shoes for winter with clothes made of robust fabrics then you’re good to go.


Chukka boots

top-must-have-winter-shoes-1Also known as the desert boot, this footwear is as casual as leather boots. These were made popular in the 20th century but continue to be worn by a lot of stylish men during the freezing months. It easily goes with casual everyday outfits and semi-formal outfits.


Leather desert boots

top-must-have-winter-shoes-1Usually, it’s during spring and summer that calls for desert boots but when it comes to fall and winter, consider leather as a more seasonally-fitting choice. You can wear yours with a suit or for any semi-formal to formal outfits.


Derby boots

top-must-have-winter-shoes-1Derby boots are winter-proof shoes that will make your look more formal. It has an elongated silhouette that’s available in so many colors like tan, brown or black – colors that will go with absolutely anything. Stand out this winter by choosing autumnal hues like navy, gray or burgundy.


Chelsea boots

top-must-have-winter-shoes-1Chelsea boots were popularized during the 60s and have been worn by members of the popular band The Beatles. You can pair these from denim to suit trousers to create a very stylish look for either day or night.


Snow boots

top-must-have-winter-shoes-10These heavy-duty snow boots will make you through the inches of snow because who likes shoveling or trekking through the snow?


Brogue boots

top-must-have-winter-shoes-1These top must have shoes for winter boasts the chill-beating and water-resistant properties that are needed to help you get through the cold elements while continuing to look like a boss. The usual brogue shoes aren’t really known for their winter-proof properties but the brogue boots definitely are.


Suede loafers

top-must-have-winter-shoes-1Suede materials used in shoes are very popular especially the winter. It easily goes with whatever casual outfit you have for the day to give a more relaxed vibe.

Get a move in and get these top must have shoes for winter to keep you warm and stylish this winter.


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