Top International Costumes to Wear to the Next Costume Party


This Halloween season, everybody’s going wear something scary or become a sci-fi character. Why not leave those options out and be unique by bring various nations all together, wearing international costumes. Open your eyes to a new world as well as discovering a whole new culture.

No matter what you’re using these international outfits for, they will undeniably bring a lot of foreign flavors to any event.


Senor Day of the Dead International Costume – Spain

international-costume-1Spice up your look with this senor day of the dead international costume. Everybody’s going to be in awe of your sultry yet mysterious look. Charm the living and the dead.


Hakama – Japan

international-costume-1The hakama is the men’s version of a ladies’ kimono in Japan. Don this to look like you just came out of an anime show. This is what traditional samurai’s wear before as well.


Prince of the Nile – Ancient Egypt

international-costume-1Spoil yourself in the riches of Ancient Egypt this coming Halloween as the Prince of Nile. This will make you look like a true Egyptian on your next costume party.


Toga – Ancient Rome

international-costume-1Look just like a man from the history books by donning this classic look that everyone can enjoy, whatever historical-themed party or toga party you’re heading to.


Bavarian Guy Oktoberfest – Germany

international-costume-1This international costume is the perfect choice for those men who wants to be everything- means you can be big, strong, climbing the Alps, become an artistic type or even one who can yodel. When you’re wearing lederhosesn, you can be anything you want to be and that’s the secret to Bavarian guys.


George Washington – America

international-costume-11Dress up as the founding father of the USA this Halloween or even on the next President’s Day or Independence Day. Tell the kids about this great leader and all that he’s done to the nation by dressing up as George Washington in this praiseworthy costume.


Samurai – Japan

international-costume-11Samurais name their swords and believed that they personified their warrior spirit. What are you going to name your sword when you disguise in this samurai costume? Master the ways of the samurai this Halloween.


Matador – Spain

international-costume-11The phrase “Dressed to kill” came from bullfighting. Be one of Spain’s most well-known bullfighters by wearing this matador costume. You don’t even have to fly to Spain and you definitely don’t plan to actually kill anything.


Mark Anthony – Ancient Rome

international-costume-11Political intrigue, romantic love, epic war, tragic death— Dressed as Mark Anthony for this Halloween perfect for other events like theater and toga parties. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!


Scottish Man

international-costume-11No, it’s not a skirt. It’s a kilt. Scottish men and boys wear the kilt traditionally for special occasions. Although you can wear this plaid kilt to Halloween, Christmas, luau, mardi gras, St. Patrick’s Day or any fun sporting event.


Sheik of Persia

international-costume-11Go grab your camel and get the party started. Don in this Sheik of Persia costume that could also pass as a desert prince costume. This disguise will make you look like an international royalty.


These are some international costume ideas that will surely help you conquer on your next costume party. Be audacious and try some of these costumes.


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