Top Historical Themed Costumes for the Next Party

The thing about history is that there’s so many of it. With these top historical costume ideas for Halloween, it can be so easy to return back in time in a different place and a different era.

Best part is you have so many options. You don’t have to go with the usual ensembles like vampire costumes or Disney costumes.


Anne Boleyn Top Historical Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1Anne Boleyn was the daughter of an Earl. She was a middle-ranking noble and was able to study in France and the Netherlands during her young years. Anne was engaged to several men that one king even excommunicated himself from the largest religion of all time and formed his own church for him. It’s one of the greatest and truest loves of all. Find your own man by wearing this beautiful top historical costume for Halloween you might even find yours at the party.


English Nanny Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1A beloved nanny that can fly, loves to dress up in costumes and a mistress of illusions – this English nanny costume sounds like a magical getup. Chin up, spit-spot.


Nile Queen Cleopatra Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1Anthony or Caesar, who are you going to choose? You’re going to outlive them both anyway so you better be prepared wearing this fierce Cleopatra costume for Halloween.


Rebel Read Coat Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1Take control over the Americans with this Red Coat costume. As a Brit, you’re acting under orders of the queen so whatever her orders are, she’ll approve of it. Go to parties whether American or British-themed costume parties in this wardrobe. A fun, historical getup inspired by the Revolutionary War.


Jackie Kennedy Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1Be a vision of elegance, style and self-confidence when you wear this Jackie Kennedy costume this Halloween. Go to the party with your man as JFK complete with the mask to sport a famous couple costume.


Pink Marie Antoinette Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1Ready for a royal rendezvous? Make sure that you look the part in this nice, sexy and girly Marie Antoinette-inspired costume. Become the most scandalous woman in the Palace of Versailles in this apparel.


Pilgrim Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1It’s becoming a lost art – churning your butter and making your own candies. Make an old fashion colonial come back in this pilgrim historical costume idea for Halloween. It has a simple elegance to it that will appeal to so many people. It would also be a great dress to wear for Thanksgiving.


Goddess Nefertiti Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1 Terrorize the people who won’t listen to your command in this Goddess Nefertiti ensemble for Halloween. Become the Egyptian queen who knows exactly what she wants.


Trojan Warrior Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1War isn’t for the faint-hearted. Use dirty tricks in a battle or your next costume party in this jaw-dropping Trojan Warrior fashion. Set your eyes on the cutest warrior around.


Sexy Tribal Native Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1One look then the British will surely sell the new land. This Pocahontas ensemble gives us an entire Kim Kardashian vibe, don’t you think? Strut this fashion to the Halloween party you’re going to.


Roaring Beauty Adult Costume

historical-costume-ideas-1This dramatic flapper dress will make a statement at your next costume event. It simply gives a sassy socialite vibe dating back from the 1920s.

After deciding on who you are portraying, make sure you know the background of the person. Find pictures of that historical figure then get her sense of style.


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