Top 7 Handpicked, Best-Selling Orchard Mile Pieces

Named after Singapore’s top well known shopping district Orchard Road and The Miracle Mile, Orchard Mile comes to life in the year 2014 by founders Jennie Baik, Georgie Benardete, Julia LeClair, and Marvin Traub Associates.. Designed to be a very exquisite online shopping store, Orchard Mile gives it’s customers and visitors the feel of walking around the most luxurious and elegant boutiques and stores without having to leave the comfort of your seat. Orchard Miles offers top name brands with just a click of a button! Not sure about where to start your shopping spree? Start with these Top 7 Handpicked, Best Selling Orchard Mile Pieces that we’re sure you wont regret adding to your next Christmas list!


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 Dancing in the dark jeans – Bellissima (Signature Ankle Flare)

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Talk about bringing the 70’s back to the present! This chic yet laid back pants is called the Bellissima. It is the #1 top seller of Orchard Mile because of its signature mid rise ankle flare that resembles the famous bell bottoms. Muck like the 70’s bell bottom pants, the Bellissima is tight fitting in the thigh area and loose towards the ankle. It features embroidered back pockets, two piece contoured waistband and curved back yokes. An amazing detail to the Bellissima is its jagged hemmed seams at the bottom flair giving it that chic look while reminding us that it’s okay to be not so strict! Tuck in your favorite loose tee and a bright bomber jacket for a pop color along with your go to heels to enhance the famous details of this beautiful masterpiece! – Original Price: $174

Guardian Jeans – Hannah (Skinny Slim Crop Jeans)

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Tired of hiding your amazing curves ladies? With the Hannah Skinny slim crop jeans in Guardian Wash, you can feel confident, beautiful and comfortable! Orchard Mile’s best selling body fitted skinny, the Hannah, is the perfect skinny jeans for women of all sizes. It’s designed to be snug to emphasize your curves in all the right places. It’s a beautiful fit for women who are petite and it serves an amazing crop detail to taller bodies as well. Cuff the bottom and pair it with a pair of pointed toe black booties and a tucked in long sleeve button down denim shirt to perfect a super stylish ootd! –  Original $218

Printed Capri – Zara Terez (Skinny, lightweight, polyester and spandex, mid-rise waist)

Printed Capri Orchard Mile Buy this product now!

Going to the gym or working out shouldn’t be so hard, especially if you’ve got the right outfit to go with! Make your workout more fun and fashionable with the Zara Terez printed capri. A silky and lightweight legging that’s designed with a mid rise waist and a slimming elastic waist band. Made from polyester and spandex for comfort and endurance. It’s cropped bottom makes it perfect for showing off your favorite kicks! Grab a pair now and you won’t need to wait till the New Year to start your Resolution! – Original $72

Jaida Crepe de Chine Pants – Hale Bob (adjustable ties with beads)

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Summer is still months away, but that shouldn’t stop you from prepping up your Summer outfit collection! One thing you should definitely add to your closet this Summer season is the Hale Bob Jaida Crepe De Chine Pants; a super loose, comfortable, and stylish pants that you could simply pair up with a plain white tank! Detailed with an adjustable tie with beads, and colors that reminds you of the ocean, this pant surely makes Summer so much more exciting! Don’t forget to tuck the Hale Bob Chine Pant  in your luggage for the perfect summer getaway! – Original $197

 We Are All One – Spiritual Gangster (Crop Triblend Tank)

We are all one crop top blend tank orchard mileBuy this product now!

The #5 Best Seller of Orchard Mile is the We Are All One – Spiritual Gangster Triblend Crop tank. With its banded neckline and overly open no sleeve arm, this comfortable tank is one that you can sport up or dress up!  Although it has a cropped silhouette, this tank  runs true to size so no need to worry about it running too big or too small! Pair it up with your favorite leggings or jeans and a leather jacket and your ready for a day to night outfit! – Original $42

Hoxton Crop Roll Up – Paige (Smoke Grey)

Hoxtonn Crop Rol up Jean in Smoke Grey orchard mileBuy this product now!

Made with Orchard Mile’s Innovative Transcend Fiber Technology, this jean is sure to feel luxuriously soft and comfortable. It features a full lower body support and its Dark Grey wash makes it durable for an all day wear! Talk about being comfy and chic! The cuffed up design offers this jean versatility while being fitted like a skinny jean to ensure your body’s curves are shown at its finest! Wear this look professional or casual and you’ve got yourself an outfit that’s sure to WOW! – Original $199

Kristi Top – Ramy Brook (Shiny Charmeus)

kristi top ramy brook orchard mileBuy this product now!

Not your typical long sleeve button down shirt; the #7  best seller for Orchard Mile is the Ramy Brook Kristi top. This button down shirt for women takes your typical office shirt to the next level with its shiny Charmeuse finish that makes it perfect to wear for a meeting with the high ranking professionals paired with a pencil cut skirt and a blazer or match it with your favorite jeans for a night out to remember! –Original $325

Don’t feel like going out to the mall or an outlet?  Check out Orchard Mile now for an online shopping experience you’re sure to love!