Top 3 Cool Bomber Jacket Ideas for Casual Men

The bomber jacket, formally called the MA-1, has been a menswear staple for decades. Sure enough, it had humble beginnings. The jacket was just a practical piece of outerwear for servicemen flying at high altitudes. It’s not the bulky, nylon jacket of yesteryear’s anymore. It has become a main star of street fashion now. This is one chic and fashionable piece of clothing.

It is easy to distinguish, thanks to the jersey elastic band at the bottom, on the cuffs and collar, bright sewed-on pieces in the form of emblems of sport teams and numbers made of thick fabric.

But Bombers are not considered a part of the exclusive sports wardrobe anymore. Many men have a version of the trusty jacket. It’s easy to mould in with the rest of the crowd when wearing one. Women are wearing the bomber jacket too these days. It can be perfectly combined with a pair of skinny jeans and a short skirt. Designers sew leather, nylon and even tweed bomber jackets. For the hot summer season these are made of organza, silk, satin.


green bomber jacket

The green bomber jacket works well with many colors and skin tones. You can wear it with an all black outfit underneath to show off the color. Or you can try a white button down shirt with a black slim legged trousers and white trainers. Add some color and detail, and show off your bright bomber.


printed bomber jacket

Don’t be a style chameleon. Become a beacon in the fashion stakes. Men who feel more adventurous can try a printed version the bomber jacket. The prints will make you stand out in a crowd. Such a jacket is often the statement piece to your look, so keep the outfit underneath simple, as you may end up with too much pattern and color otherwise. Black jeans and a simple t-shirt will look good.

Women can wear it with a contrasting pencil skirt and a cropped top. You will look sexy, but not vulgar. During the evenings, the jacket looks great with mini-skirts and shorts.


simple bomber jacket

There are plenty of options for those who want a simpler jacket. Simple designs with clean lines work well with an array of looks. Wear a colored or printed shirt underneath with a pair of skinny jeans and leather boots. The jacket is simple, but still, you can choose from many textures and shapes.