Top 20 Stunning Camping Trip Outfits You Can Wear

Trek the trails this summer with the trendiest camping gear. While these aren’t the clothes for scaling mountains or repelling off cliffs, they are perfect for a laid-back outdoor excursion with friends.

Packing for a camping trip is fairly easy as you can immediately throw out things like heels, nice blouses, pencil skirts, etc. The tricky part is packing for the weather, especially if you’re going to be near a beach on the California coast like we were because one day it can be warm and sunny and the next can be foggy and freezing. My advice is to stick with the basics.

chambray safari shirt for a camping trip

Chambray Safari Shirt – While your plans may not include safaris, this shirt is a chic choice for your outdoor adventures.

striped linen shorts for a camping trip

Striped Linen Shorts – Excite the outdoor environment with these bright striped shorts. The linen fabric is a light material fit for all of your hiking mayhem.

aviator sunglasses for a camping trip

Aviator Sunglasses – The sun will be blazing hot as you blaze the hiking trail this summer. These plastic aviators offer your eyes perfect protection.

neon pullover for a camping trip

Neon Pullover – Prepare for an impromptu rain shower with a waterproof neon jacket that will keep you safe and stylish

hat for a camping trip

Unless you’re “glamping,” (glamorous + camping = glamping) and you’re welcomed to real showers, you won’t be able to freshen up the way you’re used to. Keep hair tamed by wearing cute hats, high buns, or braids. If you can’t stand dirty hair, try out a dry shampoo to alleviate the build-up-feel.

nails for a camping trip

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like seeing dirt in your nails. Unfortunately when you’re outside setting up your tent, making food or building a fire, your nails will tend to collect a little grime from being active. As a bonus, it could be helpful to take the extra step and paint your nails a dark color so that you won’t be able to see what’s going on under there. This is my favorite trick to camping, as it always helps me to feel ladylike, even considering the circumstances.

printed blanket for a camping trip

Printed Blanket – Cozy up in a crazy cool blanket that is as wild as it is warm.

t-shirts for a camping trip

T-Shirts – Short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve tees are perfect for camping because they are so easy to layer. If it’s warm in your camping trip, you can wear them by themselves or you can layer on as much stuff on top if it’s cold. I like 3/4 sleeves for the beach if there’s a cool breeze – they’re light and airy and provide just enough warmth from the breeze. Plus, tees go with everything from shorts to jeans to swimsuit bottoms to yoga pants to sweats. They’re definitely an essential.

shorts for a camping trip

Shorts – Pack your favorite shorts because if it’s nice, you’ll probably wear them more than anything else. To decide which ones to bring, think of which ones you would wear over any other pair and bring those.

scarf for a camping trip

Red Scarf – Don’t let the dull get you down in the camping trip. This rich red scarf adds a posh pop to any utilitarian camping clothes.

boots for a camping trip

Hiking Boots or Ankle Boots – Dust the dirt paths in these hiking boots equipped for any environment.

tanks for a camping trip

Tanks – Tanks are an obvious essential, especially if it’s going to be hot. You can pack some basic slouchy cotton tanks and also a few cuter ones in case you feel like wearing them. Dress based on your mood, so having several options is a big thing.

swimsuits for a camping trip

Swimsuits – If your camping trip takes you near a beach or lake or body of water, this is obviously a must bring. I always go overboard and bring almost every swimsuit I own. Plus, they don’t take up much room in your bag.

long sleeves for a camping trip

Long Sleeves – Hoodies, a warm jacket, a few long sleeve tees, and a few sweaters are always a good idea, especially because it’s not uncommon for it to get cool at night. You can easily throw on a hoodie or sweater over your tank when you’re sitting around the fire at night. It’s easy, unfussy, and still cute. Always bring a warm jacket just to be safe, unless you know it’s going to be 90 degrees the entire time.

backpack for a camping trip

Floral Backpack – Frolic in the forest with this precious floral printed backpack, which packs as much style as it does necessities.

socks for a camping trip

Cozy Socks – Snuggle up next to the campfire with some sassy socks that are sure to make your friends, and their feet, jealous.

sports gear for a camping trip

If you exercise every day, include sports gear on your camping clothes list. If you don’t, leave your sports gear at home. Although your incidental exercise will definitely increase, you are not likely to start a new sports regime on your trip.

special occasion outfit for a camping trip

Special occasions – Take one all-purpose ‘special occasion’ outfit or a nice shirt you can wear with jeans. You’ll probably find you don’t have much cause to wear it, but it’s nice to have when you need to be a little bit fancier.

watch for a camping tripTribal Watch – This accessory accents your ensemble all the while keeping time as you wander through the woods. It adds color to your camping trip.

accessories for a camping tripAccessories – You don’t need very many accessories and I would definitely suggest leaving any really nice, expensive, or meaningful pieces at home. Don’t go completely accessory-less. So opt for stacks of friendship bracelets, leather bracelets, and a few gold cuffs and stackable rings. Sunglasses, a leather belt, and a good hat or two are essential items. Go for those.