Top 12 Halloween Costumes for Babies

Halloween is less than two weeks away and you have yet to pick a costume for your little one. It can get pretty overwhelming with the variety of Halloween costumes for babies you get to choose from since there are so many cute Halloween costumes out there, as well as scary Halloween costumes which are popular among young ones.

You can’t go wrong with these endearing clever Halloween costumes for babies. Don’t forget to make your little tyke’s Halloween something that’s worth remembering.

Maggie Simpson Unique Halloween Costume Idea for Babies


top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1The youngest character of the Simpsons family doesn’t say much because she’s too busy on her pacifier and watching the rest of her family’s high jinks. Dress up your baby in this funny Halloween costume idea for babies that will practically have you laughing upon seeing the yellow spikes crawling around your living room floor.


Wal-Mart’s Pumpkin Infant Halloween Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1It’s the perfect outfit for your little one especially this coming Halloween.  This vivid orange ensemble with a jack-o-lantern face is the ideal for their first trick-or-treating session. Your little pumpkin certainly needs this for Halloween.


Rubie’s Costume Trick or Treat Sweeties Going to the Movies Popcorn Costume


top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Popcorn is unquestionably the best thing to snack on at the cinemas. Everybody likes its salty and buttery deliciousness. Convert your little one into this unique Halloween costume for babies in a tub of popcorn garment that is sure to be a hit with all food enthusiasts.



Underwraps’ Triceratops Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1This apparel is sure to put a glowing smile on everyone’s face this Halloween. Dinosaurs appeal to everyone, from infants to adults. While the original dinosaurs are frightening, your baby in this costume will be the most charming dinosaur in town.


InCharacter’s Baby Lion’s Costume


top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Is your baby the king of the family? Does he like being under the sun and just sleeping around? Then your baby is probably a growing lion. Worry not because this lion is not a wild animal. Your tot will enjoy playing in their kingdom while wearing this cute Halloween costume for babies.


Halloween Express’ Toddler Chewbacca Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Han Solo’s companion is here. This Chewbacca costume will make your little tyke the cutest baby wookie in the galaxy. It’s a spot on attire for Star Wars themed parties as well as Halloween trick-or-treating.


Spirit Halloween’s Baby Little Red Riding Hood Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Little red riding hood is crawling all the way to grandma’s house. She wants to get there as soon as possible so she can hug with her grandmother and also share with her some snacks. Your little girl will look like she just popped out of the children’s story book in this cute hooded outfit.


Wal-Mart’s Li’l Devil Infant Costume


top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Halloween is when all the creepy creatures come out to have fun. Dress your rowdy toddler in style that would fit the holiday like this cute devil outfit and even though he’s your little angel, this apparel will have him feeling a bit naughty and playful for his first costume party.


California Costumes’ Owlette Baby Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Isn’t this the cutest owlette getup you have ever seen? This is perfect for your tot’s first Halloween. It looks incredibly soft and cuddly and will definitely make her stand out.


Buy Costumes’ Toddler Snow Monster Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Look out! Everybody would run away from the Abominable Snowman, but maybe except for this charming one. This snow monster is out and hungry for some trick or treating.


Underwraps’ Baby’s Colorful Caterpillar Bunting

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Before blooming into a butterfly, your baby must become a caterpillar who must learn how to crawl. This suit is great for babies who enjoy crawling. It will be so enjoying watching her move slowly in this colorful caterpillar costume.


Halloween Express’ Talan the Tarantula Infant Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-babies-1Creepy and crawly meets cute and cuddly with this charming spider wardrobe. Perfect for spooky Halloween nights that’s perfect for your own little creepy crawly.


These delightful costumes will make it easier for you to find the right fit for your child. Yes, it’s possible to make your baby look even more charming than you thought possible. Which one is your favorite?


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