Top 11 Must-Have Shoes for Winter (Women)


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Wondering what shoe trends are hot this fall?

Well, high heels have returned, buckles are flourishing, platforms are blooming and high-fashion long boots are definitely not going off the radar anytime soon. Are you ready to step into the new season with the latest footwear as well as learning simple ways to dress better for the season?

Here are top must have shoes for winter.



must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1The pointed-toe shoes is one of the biggest fall rends this year. Whether it comes in boots or suede ankle shoes, leather pumps or futuristic designs, these shoes should be one of your top must-have shoes for fall and winter.


Buckled Straps

must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1Buckled straps were all over the fall and winter fashion runways from numerous designers and they come in so many styles. Whether it’s in reptile skin textures, evening pumps or even boots, a pair of shoes with buckled straps is certainly a footwear you need to invest in.


Big Buckles

must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1In love with big, metal hardware on your shoes? Big buckles are pretty much on top of the shoe trend this fall. Buckles in gold color are extremely gorgeous and adds a bit of attractiveness to the shoes. Whether in thigh-high boots or sandals, you better make sure there’s a large buckle on your shoes.


Platform Boots

must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1Even if the Spice Girls were so 1990s, we can’t admit that their platform boots were really coveted by so many girls and women alike. Luckily, the platform boots are back in style this season and should definitely be on your list on must-have shoes for winter.



must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1While we see a lot of lace-up dresses and tops on the fall fashion runway, we also have seen lace-up footwear. Boots are more prominent creations when it comes to lace-up pieces aside from the popular gladiator sandals but there are also gladiator boots that will remain for the season.



must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1Ankle straps will easily make your legs look longer, as well as slims the feet. Basically, ankle strap shoes are amazing. One way of styling yours is by wearing it with socks – another trend that is big this fall.



must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1We all know suede has been a favorite for all seasons. It could be in platform heels, ballet flats or boots. Suede shoes are very easy to style with so many different pieces. It’s a must-have not only for fall but for all year round.



must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1Velvet this season appears in different clothing ensembles. Buy yourself a pair of velvet shoes in boot-form or high heels so you would look like you just came out of the runway. Velvet easily makes any outfit look like you’ve spent a thousand dollars especially when paired with the two other main materials for fall – suede and leather.


Reptile Skin

must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1This fall, textures are really big. Reptile skins in shoes were seen in buckled straps and platform boots as well as pointed-toe boots and shoes with buckled straps. Reptile skin with buckles is a pair that’s simply statement-making.



must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1Western shoes are modernized but can still be called retro. In the runways, western boots were embellished with studs, buckles and even sculptured heels.


Wooden Platforms

must-have-shoes-for-women-winter-1We have seen wooden platforms in so many runway shows in the past year or so and while this wasn’t that big even before, it can certainly make a comfortable pair of simple platforms become the talk of the entire city.

What shoes are you rushing to buy for the season? You better hurry. These pairs might be sold out soon.


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