Timeless Jewelry Pieces That Won’t Go Out of Style

When you decide to buy jewelry, it’s an investment; and it’s a good one, when you opt for quality, classic designs. Unlike clothing, your sparkling accessories will always fit, will never need to be laundered, and can be worn as often as you like. Truly special gems can be passed down for generations, and precious heirlooms never go out of fashion. And while it may be pricey up front, having a few valuable pieces of jewelry — as opposed to bunches of cheaper baubles that will need to be replaced — is more cost effective in the long run.


The trick is to choose versatile pieces that are sleek and simple, but no less stunning. Below, check out 7 timeless jewelry pieces that won’t go out of style, no matter how many years go by.

Cartier Love Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet // Opulent Jewelers



Ah, the Cartier Love Bangle. Almost everyone who spots this sleek bracelet knows the legendary jeweler it represents. Although it’s understated, this signature design will catch the eye of many admirers. This Cartier classic can be worn alone or in a stack, with an evening gown, or with your favorite T-shirt and jeans!

Hermes Diamond Stud White Gold Earrings // Opulent Jewelers

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a sparkling pair of stud earrings will never go out of style. Mix the two together, and you have a match made in heaven! Whether you opt for a set of solitaires or a simple geometric design, a chic pair of earrings can dress up a casual outfit or add some shine to any formal ensemble.



Chanel Charm Diamond Gold Earrings // Opulent Jewelers


Chanel is synonymous with timeless fashion, and these charm-studded dangly earrings are the perfect mix of timeless style and modern flair. Baring the brand’s trademark number 5 (encrusted in diamonds, of course!), this ear candy will turn heads wherever you go.


Banco Oro Diamond Line White Gold Necklace // Opulent Jewelers


Nothing adds polish to a feminine neckline like a hint of glitz the décolletage, and this streamlined design is accented by light-catching diamonds. It can add elegance to any outfit, whether you’re heading to work for the day or spending an evening out on the town.

Mimi Milano Lavender Moonstone White Gold Cocktail Ring // Opulent Jewelers


This sunset-hued cocktail ring is certainly a stunner. Framed by a halo of diamonds, this lavender-rose gem will add a pop of glowing color — and a hefty dose of glamour — to a simple dress or LBD. The rest of your accessories can be minimal, since this ring makes a statement all on its own.


Tiffany & Co Woven Gold Sautoir Necklace // Opulent Jewelers


A gold chain is a staple in any jewelry collection, and you can never go wrong with a piece from Tiffany & Co. This chunky gold number is bold enough to be worn on its own, but sleek enough to be layered with other necklaces.


Cartier Pearl White Gold Ring // Opulent Jewelers


Whether they’re set in vintage antiques or more modern pieces, pearls are timelessly chic and always in fashion. The black pearl in this ring offers an intriguing alternative to traditional white, and its sleek design means you can wear it with any outfit that needs a hint of elegance.