Timeless Fashion Tips for Young Men

men essential 11Believe it or not, there are under 20-year old guys who wants to dress with style and with class because they don’t want to follow the now-trend.

You can absolutely look stylish without going overboard like most men. This article is for those who are just getting into fashion. Clearly, you can’t just jump right in. it’s always advisable to test the waters first before investing in new clothes.

Here are some classic fashion tips for young men and for those who want to reinvent their looks.


men essential 1Simplicity is key
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Young men, at first, who just decided to start dressing well will go all out and invest in some fancy and expensive clothing items that look over-the-top than most of their outfits. It’s not really a good way to start with your journey.


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What you should do is upgrade your basics – not replace them. Find basic and sturdy pieces that are made of quality materials than the ones you’re wearing.


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Steer clear of clothes that look like nothing that you’ve worn before. Also, don’t mix formal with casual clothes because that’s just wrong.


men essential 4Head to thrift stores for great buys
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Not only because it’s a basic rule, had you practically saved your wallet from running out of cash. When starting fashion, the best place to get your clothes from is from the thrift stores. They’re really cheap and of course, price is important when you’re just at the beginning.


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Old or out-of-date clothes are pretty wearable, believe it or not. But what you should be hunting in thrift stores are supposed to be simple and classic items that you can easily mix and match.


men essential 6Learn about clothing history and roles
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Aren’t you curious of the cool stories behind your clothes? Knowing them is fun and it’s an effective counter when someone gives you a hard time about your clothing choices.


men essential 7Find a fashion inspiration
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It could be someone you personally know or celebrities whom you admire the style of. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from them.


men essential 8Visit menswear stores
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Sometimes, it would be best to go to the best store in town and spend some time looking around the clothes in there. Don’t be afraid of browsing the racking and trying out a couple of outfits.


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And if you don’t have the budget, just put it all back. At least you would have an idea what would look great on you and what won’t and what to look for when you shop on cheaper stores and thrift stores.


men essential 10Learn about fabrics
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There are so many, but you would know which one is good and which one is bad just by feeling it against your hand. You would know what quality cut looks like.